‘House Of Cards’ Adds ‘Scream’ Star Neve Campbell, Plus A Couple Similar To Claire And Frank Will Be Added To Season 4

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for Los Angeles Confidential

While Season 3 of House of Cards centered on the complicated relationship between Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright), Season 4 is set turn back towards the political aspect of the hit series. With that in mind, the show will be introducing a new couple that closely resembles the Underwoods.

According to Christian Today, the new couple will be a power hungry pair with aspirations similar to the Underwoods. The only difference is that the new pair will be British. This makes sense, especially since the show is actually influenced by the original UK version, and has led to some speculation that the new couple will be the U.K. Prime Minister and his wife.

Since the new duo will likely be in a position of power, there is a strong likelihood that they will be Frank’s main opposition as he makes his second bid for the presidency. Although the couple might not be running themselves, especially if they do turn out to be British, their opposition to Frank will certainly be a formidable obstacle in Season 4.

Additionally, while the end of last season saw Claire informing Frank that she was breaking up with him, the introduction of some new faces might help bring the couple back together. If anything is going to re-unite Frank and Claire, it is probably going to be their competitive nature and will to win. If the new couple causes them to team back up, then perhaps there is some hope for their relationship.

Meanwhile, Deadline is reporting that Neve Campbell has signed on as a regular in the upcoming season. Campbell, a Party of Five and Scream alum, will be playing a brand new character when the show returns.

Although details concerning Campbell’s role have been kept secret, it is a possibility that she might be playing the part of the wife of the new couple that is to be introduced on the show. Assuming she is part of the new couple, that means fans should expect a casting announcement for her counterpart sometime in the near future.

Her appearance on the Netflix hit is the longest TV contract Campbell has signed in a number of years. Along with her new role on House of Cards, Campbell is also currently enjoying a part in the NBC comedy Welcome To Sweden, which is currently in its second season.

Season 4 of House of Cards is expected to premiere sometime in the early part of 2016.