One Direction’s #Action1D Needs Fan Charity Ideas

Calling all One Direction fans: 1D wants to hear directly from you about creating a better world.

Have you ever wanted to tell One Direction as a fan about a great charity you think they should get behind? If you know of a good deed One Direction should be made aware of, stay tuned because the gents are asking for fans opinions.

As far back as their earliest days as a band, One Direction has been deeply involved in charity work — but the guys usually picked the cause.

Now, One Direction are amping up their commitment to good deeds a day before they start their American tour with a campaign called Action 1D — and they are asking fans to submit ideas.

On July 8, MTV U.K. writes, “The One Direction lads are channeling their inner activist with new ‘action/1D’ campaign. The initiative aims to end extreme poverty, tackle inequality and slow down climate change with the help of their millions of fans.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, One Direction has been actively involved with charities throughout the duration of their career as a band. One Direction is also known for being one of the most generous musical groups.

According to their press release issued to fans via email on July 8, One Direction will be starting up their Action 1D campaign.

One Direction writes, “Would you like to see a world without poverty? Or see more efforts to tackle climate change? Whatever your vision, the guys want to know.”

In other words, while they are on tour in North America, One Direction will be listening to fans around the world about the types of charities fans think One Direction should get involved with.

About the Action 1D launch, on Twitter Liam Payne writes, “Today we’re launching #action1D to help make a difference. Wanna get involved?” and posts a link to their Action 1D campaign on YouTube.

Also on July 8, One Direction tweets, “We’ve just launched the first of many video actions! Join the #Action1D movement and show us the world you want to live in” and posts a link to the website.

How will the One Direction #Action1D campaign evolve? In the past, One Direction has used comedy to reach fans about a charity they like. A good example is the 2012 cover of a Blondie song One Direction did for Comic Relief.

More recently, One Direction participated in Red Nose Day 2015. According to an Independent report on March 12, One Direction’s participation in Red Nose Day led to them being spoofed by a funny 1D tribute band called No Direction.

Other comedy routines employed to draw attention to charity events championed by One Direction include efforts by Liam Payne. While he may be doing comedy to make the cause go viral online, the issues behind Liam Payne’s charity choices are serious.

The Unicef charity blog stated on June 16, “[Liam Payne] filmed the short sketch for Unicef UK’s Children in Danger Summer Disease Appeal, which is raising awareness and vital funds to keep children safe from disease.”

One Direction has shown they know how to get people to pay attention to good causes — but now they want to know which charities and ideas fans want them to get behind.

To get involved with the campaign and submit your opinion about the kind of issues that matter to you as a fan, follow link to the One Direction website.

For more information, watch the One Direction 2015 Action 1D video.

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