Humpback Whale Blows A Rainbow Off Newport Beach, California [Video]


Incredible footage of a humpback whale blowing a perfect rainbow was captured off the coast of Newport Beach a couple of days ago. As two drone cameras flew overhead, they caught the magical moment when the humpback whale rises to the surface, spraying a rainbow from its blowhole.

According to the description on the video, YouTube user Mark Girardeau was out in a boat on July 5 with his aerial camera along with Royce Hutain as the captain and Jason Anderson with a second aerial camera.

They captured footage of the humpback whale as it swam near the surface off Newport Beach and blew a couple times. Suddenly the humpback whale nears the surface of the water yet again, but this time blows an almost perfect rainbow with the spray.

Unlike fish, whales are mammals and cannot take in oxygen under water. This is the reason for them heading to the surface of the ocean.

As explained by the National Marine Life Center, the humpback whales don’t have a nose like humans do, and instead of breathing through their mouths they have what is called a “blow hole.” They come to the surface and take in and expel air from this blow hole, often with an impressive spray or mist heading up into the air.

In the case of the humpback whale in the video, he just got the positioning perfect to capture a rainbow in the air as he sprayed.

While capturing an incident like this is extremely rare, it seems a photographer won a National Geographic photo contest with an amazing image captured of yet another humpback whale blowing a rainbow.

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