Ugly 'Frozen' Cake Has Sweet Ending Despite Decorative Fail

Perhaps you've seen the photo of the "ugly" Frozen cake - a caricature of Elsa - on Facebook and thought, "What a fail!" If so, you aren't alone; many had the same reaction, so much so that the photo went viral in hours. Unfortunately, many don't know the story behind the cake - which may cause them to take a different view of the situation.

On Monday, a photo posted to Reddit of a little's girl's "hideous" birthday cake went viral, receiving tons of criticism online. But as it turns out, the Queen Elsa cake from the Disney movie 'Frozen' was created by a charity to lift the spirits of sick children - and to the little girl it was created for, it worked well. She loved her cake. But that didn't stop thousands of shares of the seemingly "disastrous" cake, which most would say looks very little like the original Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

First posted to Reddit, the picture of the cake had the title "the cake that was ordered and the cake that arrived," and the picture was shared and commented on thousands of times. The picture shows a side-by-side comparison of the advertised cake created by McGreevy Cakes, a cake-decorating website out of Akron, New York, and the cake that arrived for the little girl's birthday party.

The cake that arrived had deeply tanned skin, abnormally wide-set eyes, and a strange yellow hair color that looked very little like Queen Elsa. The cake was created by Icing Smiles, a volunteer non-profit organization out of Bethesda, Maryland. The company's owner had a response for the heavy criticism.

"My heart broke for the baker because I know how much of herself she puts into her donations. My heart broke for the family should they come across the posts because it may take from their joy of receiving the gift. It broke for our team whose extraordinary efforts were used in this way. Our Sugar Angel wasn't commissioned to copy Shawna's work, she was asked for a Frozen cake for a sick child and she did just that.

I am well aware that all photos we publish are public domain but to use the efforts of volunteers serving medically fragile children as a source of humor is tasteless. I am well aware that my opinions are biased but I see the efforts, stress, tears and passion of our volunteers and I hate to see them lead to ridicule in any forum. In fairness to the original blogger, we do not know if they were aware of the source of the cake and as soon as it was brought to their attention, it was removed. (THANK YOU!)

When I finally got past the initial shock, I fearfully reached out to our Sugar Angel, Lisa to offer my sympathy and boy did she change my attitude. Her facebook page was loaded with comments to which she graciously replied with humor and self-deprecation. She even commented that she knew it wasn't her best work and maybe Elsa was getting back from rehab. The best part was that she didn't care because she made a child happy."

It was later stated that baker had just two hours to make the cake and that a heavy storm caused some melting of Elsa's features as it was carried into the residence. However, the child that received the cake was thrilled with it, and the baker and company says that it was is important to them.

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[photo by bellanaija]