Inmate Gets $750K After Suffering 6-Day Permanent Erection in Solitary, Losing Virility

permanent erection

Rodney Cotton, 51, won a lawsuit in New York after suffering a six-day permanent erection in solitary at the Manhattan Detention Complex. This was as a result of taking the anti-depressant Risperdal. As officials ignored his plight, he has now become impotent.

Cotton was an inmate at the Manhattan Detention Complex and was placed in solitary confinement while serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence for violating parole.

As reported in the Daily Mail, prison doctors gave him the anti-depressant drug, Risperdal, to handle his anxiety, which as a side-effect caused Cotton to have the six-day permanent erection.

Despite calling for help for his distressing condition, asking to be taken to the prison medical clinic, a guard allegedly told him he would have to wait.

Eventually, Cotton pretended he had chest pains so that he could be sent for medical treatment, and allegedly the two doctors merely gave him ice packs and Tylenol to treat the permanent erection, instead of sending him to hospital. Cotton then sat in his jail cell using the ice packs for several hours each day.

Eventually Cotton’s mother intervened on his behalf and another doctor examined him to find the cause of the permanent erection and took him to Bellevue Hospital Center.

There he was diagnosed with priapism and Cotton underwent surgery to relieve the swelling. Reportedly Cotton was told by the hospital that the stitches should be removed within seven to 10 days, but doctors at the jail said they would dissolve on their own. It turns out they were wrong and after being left there for a month, the stitches became embedded in the skin of Cotton’s penis, causing more damage.

Due to the lack of correct medical treatment for the six-day permanent erection, Cotton now suffers from impotence and a lack of virility. According to Cotton he is now “ruined” and his virility problems have placed a strain on his relationship with his girlfriend.

In the court case Cotton claimed he suffered “permanent injuries to his penis” and “loss of function” due to the negligence of doctors at the Manhattan Detention Center as well as the guards who ignored his pleas for help while he was suffering from the permanent erection for six days.

However, when asked about the $750,000 win in the case Cotton said he would rather have his manhood.

“They took my manhood! It’s embarrassing. We’re here to create. I can’t perform my duties as a man.”

“If I had the choice between the reward and having my manhood restored, I’d have my manhood restored in a heartbeat.”

Initially Cotton filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city in 2012. However, as confirmed by Nicolas Paolucci of the city Law Department, a settlement of $750,000 has now been reached.

“Settling the case was in the best interest of the city.”

According to the New York Daily News, Cotton has been in jail for 39 of his 50 years, which includes a stint for a 1989 manslaughter case in Brownsville.

As reported on the Inquisitr, maybe Cotton should have drunk more coffee, as apparently caffeine is “still the liquid viagra.”

[Image: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 BohemianDolls]