Scott Brown: No Booze Until Election Day

Scott Brown, Republican Senator for Massachusetts, has declared he has given up alcohol until Election Day. Brown, who has not had an alcoholic beverage since January 1st, has opted for other options to quench his thirst, such as Coca-Cola and other soft drinks.

During an interview with WTKK-FM, the incumbent senator stated that he won’t be drinking until Election night. His excuse? It was “one of those New Year’s things” that he did “on a stupid bet.”

After Friday’s interview, Senator Brown’s campaign office declined to give further details about the bet, or about Brown’s choice to abstain from alcohol.

The senator is currently locked in a tight race against Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren, who has been fighting with Brown about taxes, among other issues. The two traded shots with each other at Fenway Park’s 100th Anniversary celebration, with Warren saying of the race between her and Scott Brown:

“I think this is about whose side you stand on…you know, you just kind of look at where the two parties are. Scott Brown got an award from Forbes magazine for being one of Wall Street’s favorite senators.”

Brown also noted that he is attempting to please both sides of the political realm. He stated that:

“The only reason that we’re getting things done is because I’m there and we’re working hard across the aisle finding people of goodwill to solve problems.”

Last week, The Boston Globe requested that both candidates share 6 years worth of tax returns with the public. Brown’s campaign has yet to agree to the request, and Warren’s has stated that they will only release two years worth of returns, as long as Senator Scott Brown shares the same amount.

Check out the video below for voters’ reactions to Scott Brown’s campaign: