‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Brand New Teaser Videos, Casualties Include Skaters And Soccer Moms [Video]

As The Inquistr reported earlier, during July 4 and 5, AMC showed some brand new teaser videos of their upcoming zombie series, Fear The Walking Dead. Up until now, only one of these videos could be tracked down thanks to Kyllan Cunningham being pretty quick at whipping out a phone and recording one of the teaser videos. But now we have footage of all three new Fear The Walking Dead teaser videos thanks to Carlost.net.

The first video (entitled “Skate Park”) shows teens hanging at their local skateboard park. Some are skating, others just sitting around, not a care in the world. As one boy skates down into the bowl others cut across, no one notices the shambling body approaching. While the audience don’t get to see the full length of the zombie or the kids reaction to it, there is one foot shown. This new Fear The Walking Dead zombie appears to be limping, fresh blood and a torn pant leg an indication of some sort of struggle before they turned, or perhaps after?

The second Fear The Walking Dead video (entitled “Neighborhood”) shows a woman pushing her pram past the camera shot, presumably into oncoming danger, but we don’t know that yet as the camera is following another woman getting out of her parked van. She appears to be in her driveway as she gets some shopping out of the back. Pulling the roller door shut, viewers get a reflection of a zombie woman in the van window. The woman doesn’t appear to be as injured as the zombie in the “Skate Park” clip but she has that vacant, nose to the air stare that we recognize from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The last Fear The Walking Dead video is the one we have already posted about but the quality is better this time around. This video is entitled “Pool”. A woman in a bikini is relaxing on a float in her pool, the sun streaming down. The camera pans over her and takes the viewer’s eyes to the very end of her pool where a zombie patiently waits for its beautiful snack.

All of the videos fade out with the tagline, Fear Begins Here, as well as the premiere date of August. None of these videos have been uploaded to AMC’s official Fear The Walking Dead page yet.

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere in August on AMC. If you can’t wait that long, why not check out the panel at this week’s San Diego Comic Con.

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[Image credit: AMC screen capture]