WWE News: Cesaro To Receive Big Push– Which Two WWE Superstars Are Behind It?

Cesaro To Receive Big Push-- Two WWE Superstars Behind It?

Watching Monday Night RAW the last two weeks, fans got to witness the “Swiss Superman” Cesaro face-off against United States champion John Cena. Both matches were rated as potential matches of the year for both men. Now, it appears that it may not be the last time we see Cesaro featured in a main event capacity.

According to Main Event Madness, both Cesaro’s opponent of the last two weeks Cena and WWE executive Triple H are the two people responsible for Cesaro’s recent push. The report states that both men are big fans of Cesaro and his work in the ring, which has led to the spotlight being cast on him recently.

Recently, Cesaro was tag teaming with Tyson Kidd, a team that found success and won championship gold. However, Kidd suffered a severe neck injury that has put his career in jeopardy. Therefore, Triple H wants to utilize Cesaro to the fullest extent. It was noted that Triple H had his sights set on breaking up Kidd and Cesaro before the year ended, have them feud and then move onto greener pastures.

As for Cena, the report states that he is pushing Vince McMahon to utilize some of the company’s best talents properly, one of those talents being Cesaro. Cena likes what Cesaro can do in the ring, which is what prompted him to speak up on behalf of his colleague.

In fact, after cameras went off this past week, Cena gave a speech to Cesaro in front of the live audience that was described in a positive way.

While Triple H and Cena are pushing for Cesaro, it’s said that McMahon is still not sold on the idea of Cesaro as a main event talent in WWE. There was a report late last year that said the office did not think Cesaro “connected” with the WWE Universe, thus leading to him being on the losing end of a majority of his matches for much of 2014.

But after his performance the past two weeks, this past Monday especially, the inaugural winner of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is said to be slowly changing McMahon’s opinion. His match was allegedly so well received that several high ranking people in WWE, including McMahon were “glued to the monitors” for their main event match.

There is currently a lot of optimism surrounding Cesaro and his future. The 34-year-old native of Switzerland is beginning to turn heads once again and could find himself in the position that both peers and fans have wanted to see him reach for many years. If Triple H and Cena are able to get Cesaro pushed, there is hope that several other talented performers will follow suit and receive their own chance to shine.

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