Ember Graham Search Suspended, But Where Is She?

The search for missing California baby, Ember Graham, has been suspended by authorities in Shasta County. This comes as disappointing news to the community of Happy Valley and the people who have banded around the infant’s mother in search for the missing girl. The Lompoc Record reports that the search was suspended on account of there being no evidence of an abduction.

This report comes just a day after authorities expressed the sentiment that Ember Graham may not be alive, along with the news that her father Matthew Graham has stopped cooperating with police. The Herald Standard reports that surveillance footage was used to find inconsistencies in Matthew Graham’s story.

Initially, the infant’s father had told police that he took his baby for a drive to get her to go to sleep, taking her to a store, but surveillance footage at the store shows that he drove in the opposite direction of his home before later going back in the correct direction approximately an hour later. When he was asked what happened during the course of that hour, he claimed he “did not remember.”

Over the course of the search for baby Ember, the girl’s mother has remained supportive of her husband, and so has his family. Nonetheless, very few details exist in this case as far as what’s being reported in the media. It’s known, however, that the girl’s mother was not in the home at the time of the disappearance, having stayed the night with her father.

KTLA News reveals that the couple had been separated at the time of the baby’s disappearance. Matthew Graham reported her missing on July 2, at just before 5:30 a.m. He claimed that he had last seen her the prior night in her crib, leading authorities to believe that someone may have snatched her in the night. However, it’s become apparent that no abduction took place, according to Shasta County officials.

While Matthew Graham is considered a person of interest, he has not yet been charged with any crime related to the 6-month-old baby’s disappearance. He remains jailed, however, on unrelated charges associated with the violation of probation.

Even though the search for this missing infant has been suspended by law enforcement, you can still call authorities in Shasta County if you have seen anything that may be related to this child’s disappearance. If you know anything about the disappearance of Ember Graham call (530) 245-6000, or dial 911 if it’s something of immediate urgency.

[Photo: Shasta County Sheriff’s Office mugshot/Matthew Graham]