Bella Thorne: Former Disney Star Is America's New Scream Queen

Just two years ago, Bella Thorne was "shaking it up" on the Disney Channel with Disney's other mega star Zendaya. While Zendaya has elected to stay with the House of Mouse with the new series K.C. Undercover, Thorne is looking to stretch her legs in roles that are no longer becoming of a Disney Princess. In fact, the former Disney Star is doing everything she can to become this generation's Jamie Lee Curtis.

Curtis, in the late 70's early 80's, cut her teeth on the big screen in popular horror movies like Halloween and The Fog. Thorne looks to match that with her next several roles. It began on June 30 with the premiere of Scream on MTV. Scream is a reimaging of the slasher movie now turned television show. Thorne guest stars in the first episode, but her fun in the horror genre doesn't end there.

Thorne's next two major roles in film falls into the scare category. She is set to star in Home Invasion later this year. The film centers on a family who is imprisoned in their home by intruders. According to IMDb, the gang of thugs elect to play a game of life-and-death where the mysterious rules become apparent as the night goes along. The film is the directorial debut for Sean Carter.

In 2016, Bella Thorne will play alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh in the next installment of the Amityville Horror. Amityville: The Reawakening focuses on a mother who moves her three children into the famous haunted house. She has no idea of the bloody history that surrounds the house.

Thorne is fitting into her new roles nicely, and she gave the Detroit Free Press some quick advice in a recent interview on just what it takes to play the roll of a scream queen.

"Don't look back, OK? Just don't look back. And try not to trip in the process."
Thorne's stock is shooting up the charts. This week she broke IMDb's Top 10 STARmeter. She is using this new found fame to express her opinion on everything from the constant fight to land big parts to the way women should feel about how they dress. She sat down with Perez Hilton to address the difference in Hollywood and her home town of Miami.
"Its interesting that in LA it [showing skin] is so frowned upon and I think that's wrong. I just never got it being raised in a household where we never body shamed anybody… We don't take offense to it, maybe it's just a Miami thing."

"You know what post what you want. If you're confident and comfortable about your body beauty then go ahead and show it to the world, because you have the freedom to do so."

What are your thoughts on what Bella Thorne had to say about showing the world what you have? Is she on track, or is she showing signs of walking down the same path as other former Disney stars?

[Photo by Candies]