Liam Payne Post-1D: Is Comedy A Solo Career Option?

In the ever-changing world of One Direction, will fans find that Liam Payne eventually becomes a comedy actor?

Liam Payne fans cannot ignore the fact that One Direction members might do more solo projects in the next couple of years — and Liam’s choices may not solely focus on music.

Regardless, Liam Payne has promised as recently as June 21 that he will not be quitting One Direction, according to Heat World.

Despite Liam Payne’s commitment to staying with One Direction, Zayn Malik quitting the band has prompted many fans and writers to wonder what would happen if other members of One Direction decided to leave.

Before Liam Payne joined up with One Direction, J-14 alleges that he wanted to be a gym teacher or a firefighter. Those goals are at least five years old, and Liam Payne might abandon ideas like studying music technology in college if One Direction split up.

Instead, if fans research the recent headlines about Liam Payne and his side projects outside of One Direction, a theme emerges. In particular, it appears that Liam Payne may be getting ready to start a career in comedy.

Naturally, there are tons of Liam Payne moments compiled from his years with One Direction where he is caught on camera being funny. On August 29, 2013 (Liam Payne’s birthday), he dropped his pants and didn’t mind getting a laugh from fans, according to UnReality TV.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Liam Payne is also no stranger to the common practical joke. In fact, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are well-known for pranking each other on stage during their 2015 On The Road Again tour.

Although sometimes he goes too far with being a joker, Liam Payne has also been involved with some serious comedy acting — with and without One Direction.

Outside of One Direction, this has included Liam Payne being a part of a UNICEF video series that was done for charity. On June 16, the Daily Mail reports that Liam Payne was involved with heckling tennis star, Andy Murray, for a promotional comedy video for UNICEF.

Could these charity comedy videos be acting portfolio material that Liam Payne was hoping to use for getting a part in comedy acting? Since Liam Payne’s appearance for UNICEF, it is clear that he has been putting out an increasing number of comedic vibes — and fans are noticing.

On July 5, @BuckEye97Mom posts on Twitter, “Liam Payne, you’ve been quite the comedian lately. Loving your posts! You seem very relaxed! Enjoy!!!!!”

Also on July 5, @BrytNeal tweets, “Liam Payne, you know something? You are so funny. You could honestly be a comedian. What ya reckon Louis Tomlinson?”

Many of the tweets from fans suggesting that Liam Payne become a comedian are due to his adventures in Florida over the Fourth of July weekend.

On July 4, MTV posted pictures of Liam Payne with a raptor statue at Universal Studios. On Instagram, Liam Payne sarcastically stated about the raptor photo, “Can’t believe I’ve been cast for Jurassic Park 5. Thanks so much Universal, can’t wait to start filming.”

Was Liam Payne joking — or was he hinting that he might want to start a career as a comedian and/or actor?

Following that incident at Universal, Entertainment Weekly reports that on July 6, Liam Payne posted a video of him singing a silly song in the shower on Instagram.

Dropping other recent clues that he might be interested in comedy acting, on July 7, Liam Payne posted a picture from the epic comedy Men in Black with his face photoshopped onto one of the actors.

Other light-hearted moments from Liam Payne in July include his visit to Disney World on July 5. After taking several comedic photos, Billboard Magazine states Liam Payne captioned one of his pics with “I knew I was a wizard!”

Unfortunately, Liam Payne has no official offers for comedy or acting jobs in the near future — despite the certainty of fans that Liam is perfect for comedy roles.

For fans that are interested to see if Liam Payne will drop more comedy acting auditions in the near future, stay tuned. Liam Payne and One Direction begin their On The Road Again tour in North America on July 9 in San Diego, California — and there is no telling what “surprises” Liam has in mind.

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