Roddy Piper Accuses ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Of Having Him Fired From Podcast One, Austin Responds

It seems like every ex-pro wrestler has a podcast these days, but among them, there is no ex-wrestler who has a more popular podcast than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who does the Steve Austin Show twice a week for Podcast One.

Austin isn’t the only WWE Hall of Famer who is partnered up with Podcast One, as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has, or had, his own weekly podcast, until the company pulled his podcast, and it’s now no longer available on Podcast One’s website.

After Piper’s podcast was pulled, there were many who were wondering what happened, and Piper claimed that he knew exactly why his podcast was pulled and blamed “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Following WrestleMania in April, Piper had comedian Will Sasso — who is a lifelong wrestling fan — on his podcast. Sasso ended up impersonating Austin on the show, and Piper’s co-host Inappropriate Earl believes that Austin wasn’t a fan of the impersonation, so he called the higher-ups at Podcast One and demanded that they no longer feature the Piper’s Pit podcast.

“Some people should have a f****ng sense of humor. We get it, you can crack open a can of beer and come out in a f***in’ truck… If you can’t laugh at yourself after doing that for 25 years, and starting off as ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin in WCW, come on now.”

On the Piper / Sasso podcast, the two of them joked about Austin’s alleged heat with Vince McMahon, Austin’s only friend being his dog, and Austin quitting WWE. Piper also joked that Austin’s success was based on three words — “what” and “hell yeah.”

On today’s episode of the Steve Austin Show, Austin addressed the rumor of him demanding that Podcast One remove Piper’s podcast from their network. Austin admitted that he didn’t like the Will Sasso episode, saying that it got a little too personal.

“It had some business of a personal nature that I didn’t care to have floating around there being downloaded in cyberspace, so I had it removed from rotation.”

Austin did say that the rumor that he demanded that Piper be fired from Podcast One “couldn’t be farther from the truth.” Austin also added that he didn’t want any “BS” in his life, and he ended up praising Piper’s in-ring accomplishments. But it seemed pretty clear that Austin may have a bit of a personal issue with Piper.

“To Roddy, you’re one of the all time greats in the professional wrestling business. I cheered for you as a babyface, I booed for you as a heel and respected everything that you did. Your Hall of Fame career speaks for what it is. To that, no hard feelings. I don’t want to back and forth on this, it’s a closed book. That’s my side of the story, I will not respond to anything else. What I’ve spoken is the bottom line, and what I’ve spoken is the truth. I had nothing to do with Roddy Piper leaving Podcast One. End of story.”

[Image via Angela Weiss / Getty Images]