Chicago Bulls Rumors: Team Signs Free Agent Guard, But Are Bulls Doomed In Improved East?

Chicago Bulls rumors have the team re-signing guard Aaron Brooks. Brooks gave the Bulls an oral commitment to come back on a one-year deal, giving the team much-needed depth off the bench again. A report from the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday (July 7) indicates that he plans to finalize the deal on Thursday (July 9). That’s when the team will also be finalizing new contracts with Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy as well. A question many NBA analysts are asking, though, is do the Bulls have enough talent to still be a threat in the Eastern Conference?

Another report on the Chicago Bulls comes from ESPN, where the site states that the team is in some serious trouble. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat look much better this season, with some big free agent signings and trades to improve the respective rosters. The Milwaukee Bucks should also be a lot better after adding Greg Monroe in the low post and getting Jabari Parker some more seasoning. That doesn’t even cover the best team in the Eastern Conference from last year (Atlanta Hawks) that should be ready to fight for a top playoff spot again.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, LeBron James took it to the Bulls in the 2015 NBA Playoffs and really ended the season on a sour note for Chicago fans. The first step in the 2015-16 NBA season will be to prove that the series doesn’t leave a lasting impression and that point guard Derrick Rose can lead them out of it. There had been numerous Chicago Bulls rumors during the offseason of the team trying to make big trades to acquire players, but nothing really worked out. The team will basically put the same roster on the court for the next NBA campaign and hope that it can stay healthy.

The issue in Chicago (for a number of years) has been whether Rose can get this team to the next level. He has to stay healthy to have a shot at it, but he also really needs to step up as a true leader on the court. Bulls fans got spoiled with how well Michael Jordan was able to lead his team, even when he was suffering from the flu, and Rose has not tapped into that since he entered the NBA. While there have been flashes of greatness in how Rose plays the game, he needs to step up in an even bigger way if the Bulls are going to get past the Cavaliers and the Heat.

The other thing to contend with is that if the team doesn’t get off to a good start in the 2015-16 NBA season, there could be Chicago Bulls rumors about breaking up the team. On paper, there is a good core of players on the roster, but can they work together to be a true threat in the East finally?

[Image Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]