Tyga Cheating Scandal: Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Denies Cheating, Admits Penis Pic

Tyga Cheating Scandal: Kylie Jenner's Boyfriend Denies Cheating, Admits Penis Pic

Tyga was accused of cheating on rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner with a transgender actress named Mia Isabella. Now the rapper is slamming the reports claiming that he had a three-year-old affair with the actress.

Tyga’s been making headlines after screenshots of his alleged texting conversations between him and another woman were leaked to a celebrity gossip blog. The picture also included nude photos of both Tyga and Isabella.

According to a report on LoveBScott, the website received an anonymous email claiming that Tyga has been cheating on Kylie Jenner with a transgender woman named Mia Isabella. The emails also included screenshots of their alleged texting conversations along with NSFW photos.

In their text change, Tyga and Isabella spoke about denying their affair if it ever became public.

“If any haters try to publicly connect us I’ll only ever say we were friends through fashion because of my work as a stylist and your clothing line, never sexual. Cuz that h*e who used to be my roommate been running her mouth and that b—- we did a 3 some with last summer in weho who used to be my friend.”

Now the rapper is addressing the cheating scandal on various forms of social media. While Tyga denies that he cheated on the Jenner team, he did hint that the photos were of him. A rep for Tyga has denied the cheating allegations. According to his attorney, Lee Hutton, someone that Tyga sent the nude photos to forwarded the photos to the actress in an attempt to “maliciously shame” him. Hutton also claims that the cheating scandal is offensive in light of current social issues.

“The allegations are false and socially irresponsible during a time when many Americans are celebrating equality.”

Tyga also took to Twitter to address the cheating scandal. In a mysterious message, he wrote: “[Shaking my head]. The devil is working hard today. Lol.” Within minutes, Tyga’s tweet received more than 3,000 retweets and 2,300 favorites.

The “Rock City” rapper also shared a photo of himself performing at a concert with the following caption: “My focus is always on the positive and building up those around me. I’ll never understand why people choose hate and negativity over anything else.” Within 4 hours, Tyga’s photo received over 87,000 likes.


Tyga also denied the cheating scandal through a fan page. An Instagram user also shared the photos of Tyga’s texting conversation with Isabella. An Instagram user named va13r13.luvs.tyga claims that Tyga sent her a direct message denying the allegations.

“The devil is working hard to destroy me because of the Angels and blessings in front of me. It’s crazy. So false. I hate being in the news everyday when most of the time is lies on me. Hate letting my fans down.”

“It’s hard when your perceived negatively all the time kuz people don’t know me personally. I’m the total opposite.”

It looks like he’s trying hard to defend himself. Kylie Jenner hasn’t responded to Tyga’s new cheating allegations. An alleged source told the Hollywood Life that the 17-year-old is standing by her man.

“Kylie doesn’t believe a word of all this nonsense. It’s great to know that this unfortunate scandal hasn’t affected Tyga and Kylie’s relationship – in fact, it’s made it stronger!”

Tyga also reportedly told Kylie that he sent the photos to someone else before he met the teen.

“He’s claiming to Kylie that he’s never cheated on her and never will.”

What are your thoughts on Tyga’s alleged affair with Mia Isabella? Do you think the rapper is telling the truth and hasn’t cheated on Kylie? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for GQ]