Chloe Bartoli: New Details On Scott Disick’s Ex-Girlfriend And Monaco Fling

Chloe Bartoli: New Details On Scott Disick's Ex-Girlfriend And Monaco Fling

New details about Chloe Bartoli are emerging from the tabloids and internet reports. It’s been previously reported that Chloe Bartoli is Scott Disick’s ex-girlfriend, but fans have been wondering when exactly the couple dated.

According to a new report, the Lord Disick, 32, allegedly dated Bartoli back in 2010. Prior to dating Bartoli, he has been dating Kourtney Kardashian, 36, since 2006. That means that Disick and Bartoli dated while he was on a break with Kardashian – before she was pregnant with their first child, Mason, 5.

Kourtney is aware of Chloe Bartoli. The reality star is even aware of the PDA-filled photos that showed Chloe and Scott getting cozy in Monaco. According to an insider, Kourtney not only doesn’t want to speak to Scott, but she also doesn’t want to speak with Chloe. The inside source also added that Scott has been speaking to Chloe for several years, even while he’s been raising a family with Kourtney.

“This has been going on forever. [Scott and Chloe] would meet up in NYC. I heard about it first at least a year ago. Chloe is sweet but loves running in these celebrity circles.”

As previously reported, Chloe Bartoli is a celebrity stylist who comes from a wealthy family. She has styled a long list of celebrities including Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, and Selena Gomez, according to a Us Weekly report. Bartoli is even best friends with Gigi Hadid, Jared Leto, and Nicole Richie, as evidenced by her Instagram photos.


Now that everyone’s finding out who Chloe Bartoli is, they’re finding ways to attack the 25-year-old woman. Following the news that Kourtney and Scott split over the holiday weekend, fans have taken to Chloe’s social media accounts to accuse her of ruining Scott’s relationship with Kourtney. Some fans have made crude remarks like “home wrecker,” “s**t” and “w**re.”

There were also tamer comments on Bartoli’s social media accounts. One fan wrote: “Tbh I can’t stand this girl. You don’t ruin any family whether they’re famous or not, but hating on her isn’t gonna change her wanna be ways of being a h**.” Some even wrote that they hope she dies sometime soon.


Behind the haters, Chloe also has a league of defenders. Some have noted that Scott, not Chloe, is the one to blame for ruining his relationship with Kourtney.

“Woooah this is out of control. S**t happens. Scott is the main one to blame in this situation. I am a huge supporter of Kourtney but Scott has never been truly good for Kourtney and he is the one that was in the relationship with 3 kids. @chloebartoli is single and free to do as she pleases. Give the poor girl a break.”

As for Scott Disick, he’s refusing to go home back to Los Angeles and has escaped to Miami to party some more. What are your thoughts on Scott’s alleged affair with Chloe Bartoli? Do you think fans should back off on the stylist? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Chloe Bartoli/Instagram]