‘True Detective’ Actress Rachel McAdams Looking At ‘Doctor Strange’ Female Lead

Rachel McAdams in Dr. Strange

True Detective‘s Rachel McAdams might be going from a show that takes some rather strange twists and turns, to a movie about Doctor Strange. McAdams has shown she can play a grittier kind of character on True Detective, and it appears the movie makers for Doctor Strange are convinced that means Rachel can handle the lead role in the flick.

It should be pointed at, as MovieFone does, that right now, the rumors about Rachel McAdams are just that. The True Detective actor, nor marvel, have confirmed that she is in talks for the role. That is just part of the rumors that have been swirling around Rachel McAdams and Doctor Strange. The other question, besides whether or not the True Detective star is actually in the film, is who might she play. Part of the problem is that there hasn’t been a strong female lead that would be a shoo-in for a Doctor Strange movie for a while now.

The most likely choice for Rachel McAdams to appear in Doctor Strange would be a woman known as Clea. In the most recent telling of the Sorcerer Supreme’s tale, Clea is a silver-haired sorceress and the lover and disciple of Doctor Stephen Strange. If Rachel were to take on this role, it would mean McAdams is actually the second woman to take on that particular role. Clea was a character that appeared in the 1978 Doctor Strange TV movie.

While the True Detective star might not be a lock to appear in Doctor Strange, Rachel McAdams isn’t the only one who has been mentioned as being cast in the film. In fact, we do know there are a couple of actors who have been officially inked. Benedict Cumberbatch has been officially cast as the titular character, and Chiwetel Ejiofor is slated as Baron Mordo. Rachel McAdams also isn’t the only female linked to the film. Tilda Swinton has already been cast as The Ancient One. The difference between those reports and the ones regarding the True Detective actress is that they have actually signed contracts, and we know specifically who they will be portraying. That simply isn’t the case with this newest rumor. It should be pointed out that True Detective will have obviously wrapped shooting by the time Doctor Strange is scheduled to start shooting. That means at the very least, it appears that Rachel McAdams is available.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV]