Kate Upton On Life Before Justin Verlander: ‘It’s Not Fun To Hang Out With Yourself’

Kate Upton On Life Before Justin Verlander

Kate Upton has it all. She’s the face of the new Bobbi Brown campaign. She’s in a rewarding relationship with Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander. And her future is filled with promise both in modeling and acting.

But in the latest issue of Hello! Fashion Monthly, Upton admits her life as a teenage model wasn’t all that glamorous. In fact, it was incredibly lonely.

“I started working abroad when I was 15 and my mom and dad would often come. The thing is with modeling… It just gets lonely. I pretty much had it under control because I traveled so much – land, go through customs, get in a taxi, go to the hotel, go to work… I had the whole thing down. But it’s not fun to hang out with yourself for days at a time. It can be a solitary profession.”

Kate also went through the same kind of body image fears everyone else does. In fact, she still gets nerves when out in public.

“I think all women are similar; we all struggle with the same things when it comes to body image and wanting to be beautiful,” Upton said. “I’m the same when I’m on the beach with my friends or when there are paparazzi around.”

Kate, however, is able to overcome that anxiety by transforming herself into character when she’s on a modeling gig.

“Being on a fashion shoot is like an acting job. I feel like I’m a different character, and that character doesn’t get pangs of anxiety.”

Finally, Kate told HFM that she’ll be exploring that ability as she seeks future acting gigs – something she’s really looking forward to.

“I feel like I did a lot in modeling and there are other little adventures outside of fashion. I think both will be part of my career.”

Kate Upton’s modeling career skyrocketed early on in her life, and at the age of just 23, she sits at the top of her profession. In fact, she recently celebrated her birthday by flaunting her killer curves, as reported by the Inquistr. In addition to modeling, Kate has appeared in the film The Other Woman alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.

According to Deadline, Upton is currently filming the new William H. Macy directed comedy The Layover, alongside actress Lea Michele. When she’s not busy modeling, Kate is hanging out with her beau Justin Verlander, who recently told Forbes that despite their famous lives, their relationship is actually quite normal.

[Kate Upton and Justin Verlander photo credit: Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images]