WWE News: Update On When WWE NXT Divas Charlotte And Sasha Banks Are Set To Be Called Up

WWE NXT has been home to some of the best matches of the last year as well as this year. The matches with the men have been great, but it is the women of NXT that seem to be causing all the talk. The matches we have seen at each WWE NXT Takeover event have been amazing when it comes to the ladies. They have arguably stolen every show they were on. Many believe that the top four are great, but the roster starts to thin out after that. This could simply be due to lack of training for some, or they simply aren't as good as they should be.

Regardless, that should not stop NXT call-ups. As you have seen for the past few weeks, WWE Diva Paige has been taking on the Bella Army alone. While the twins and Alicia Fox run the Diva Division, Paige is the only rebel to stand up for what is right. Naomi and Tamina Snuka do not want to be involved. They are on the outside looking in, but many believe they will eventually choose sides. For now, they have not, and Paige needs help immediately.

According to PWInsider, Charlotte and NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks are set to be called up and perform at WWE SummerSlam next month. Apparently, they very well could appear on a random WWE RAW beforehand either together or at separate times. Interestingly, on an upcoming episode of WWE NXT, the two actually join forces to tag together and this sort of turns Banks. This was obviously done for a reason. It appears to be that the two will remain friends as they come up.

NXT Diva Bayley was also part of the list of call ups, but her injury has been slowing that down. Obviously Banks was ready, so WWE appears to be going with her. Bayley was performing hurt a while back, but the injury could have been more serious than originally thought.

The Wrestling Observer has reported that there have bee multiple changes to the Diva program. While it is not certain when things will happen exactly, Paige is set to get reinforcements.

While Charlotte and Sasha Banks will be called up, there has been talk of the NXT Horsewomen being brought up together. This very well could happen... sorta. It is doubtful they will all be up at the same time, but they very well could be up "around" the same time. If Naomi and Tamina join the Bellas, that would make it five versus three. Becky Lynch and Bayley would even up the playing field exactly for Paige's team. WWE Survivor Series normally has team vs team match-ups. A lot of five on five matches have happened here. This would not be a bad place to ultimately end an issue with the Bella Army. Plus Bayley will probably be healthy then.

For now only Banks and Charlotte are coming up. WWE could change their minds though. We will have to see. The only thing we do know is that at least two top NXT women will be up soon, which is always good to see.

[IMG Credit: PWMania]