Subway Purges Jared From Website Following FBI Home Raid

Subway has suspended its relationship with Jared Fogle and purged him from their website following an FBI home raid, which happened earlier today. As reported previously on Inquistr, Jared Fogle was detained outside his home Tuesday morning as federal authorities searched his Indianapolis suburban home. The investigation conducted early Tuesday morning mostly involved FBI personnel confiscating computer hard drives and other electronics for further investigation.

Though no official statement from the authorities has been released, the search seems to be a product of the FBI’s current child porn investigation that was being conducted in the area. Subway also states that they have no details on the matter. They released a statement.

“We are shocked about the news and believe it is related to a prior investigation of a former Jared Foundation employee. We are very concerned and will be monitoring the situation closely. We don’t have any more details at this point.”

They also told the Associated Press that Jared has been cooperating with authorities, and they don’t expect any adverse actions to be taken against the Subway spokesman. However, in the interest of both parties, they mutually agreed that a suspension was in order.

Subway has also purged Jared from their website following the home raid when they removed the link to Jared’s Journey, a website devoted to helping others find success in weight loss. This also means that all work on the Jared Foundation, a society devoted to combatting obesity, has been paused until further notice.

As for now, the suspension and link removal seems to be temporary until investigations pass over. The investigation seems to be aimed more towards one of Jared’s former associates, Richard Taylor, who has faced several counts of child pornography production.

Following Taylor’s arrest, Fogle stated his shock when Taylor was imprisoned, indicating a possibility that he did not know about Taylor’s activity. Subway is hopeful that Jared is only implicated in the investigation because he was an associate of Taylor’s, not because he had anything to do with it.

Jared has been with the sandwich chain for 15 years. He began his successful career as the main Subway spokesman after he lost a total of 234 pounds on an a diet of Subway turkey and veggie sandwiches. Since that time, he has been an inspirational part of Subway’s marketing strategy.

Subway’s removal of Jared from their website following the home raid does not seem to be the end of the dynamic team, but only the results of the investigation will tell.

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