‘Big Brother 17’: Twin Twist News Spreads Like Wildfire [Spoilers]

'Big Brother 17' Jason Roy, Liz Nolan, Da'Vonne Rogers

Big Brother 17 has a twist every week, as a result of the “BB Takeover.” The house guests were told about that at the beginning of the season. But there’s also a more covert twist going on that relies on deception. That’s the “twin twist,” which viewers know involves Liz and Julia Nolan playing as one person.

[Warning: spoilers from Big Brother 17 live feeds to follow]

Live feed viewers discovered that Da’Vonne Rogers, who is currently nominated for eviction, caught on to the twins. Rogers quickly told her closest ally Jason who, for whatever reason, took that information to other players in the house.

Big Brother Network reported that as of Tuesday morning, the only house guests who were not in the loop about the twin twist were Audrey, John, Vanessa, Austin, and Becky. The remaining nine house guests, and of course Liz and Julia, know what’s going on.

Liz and Julia Nolan have to avoid five evictions to earn the right to play as individuals.

'Big Brother 17' twins Liz and Julia Nolan

So, what is the house going to do about it? So far, house guests are planning to overload Liz and Julia with information. According to BBN, Da’Vonne said that Liz/Julia is her “new best friend.”

But it remains uncertain what happens next if the twins are found out. They have to survive five evictions, not necessarily survive detection, according to Julie Chen’s original description of the twin twist. Viewers don’t have many details from Big Brother, but it may be possible for everyone to know “Liz” is actually two people, and just continue to let them play.

It is significant that, as of Tuesday morning, Austin and Vanessa have been left out of the loop. So far, they have been among Liz’s greatest allies.

However, BBN’s live feed summary from Monday reveals that Steve and Vanessa have formed a new alliance called the Students of Sound (SOS). If that alliance is solid, Steve would tell Vanessa about Liz and Julia.

By figuring out the twin twist, Da’Vonne seemed to have gotten a stroke of luck this week, but since she’s not the only one who knows anymore, it’s hard to see how it could help her as she is still on the block against Meg.

Da’Vonne does have a valuable asset. She took the seventh call from Kathy Griffin and won the “last laugh” twist. She has the power to void the votes of three of the house guests, but it’s not clear yet whether or not they know that, or whether Da’Vonne has the votes needed to avoid eviction.

Big Brother 17 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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