‘Street Fighter V’ Beta To Include Six Characters, Three Stages And… No Local Play?

If you didn’t get the chance to get your hands on the Street Fighter V demo during the recent ComicCon, don’t fret; Capcom will be releasing the demo on the PlayStation 4 later this month on July 23. In fact, you’ll get a little more out of the demo… and a little less.

First, the bad news: you won’t be able to play with your friends locally. This is likely to be a major disappointment for fighting game enthusiasts, but there is a good reason — rather than have local multiplayer, Capcom chose to instead use this as a test for online play.

Assuming they get all of the kinks worked out, this could ultimately work out better for fans waiting for Street Fighter V.

As for what you’ll be getting, there will be three stages in the demo — one that hasn’t been seen in builds showed off to the public (and the press, for that matter), and also happens to be rather gorgeous. You’ll also have access to six characters: Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Nash (Charlie), Birdie, and M. Bison.

As a note, Cammy and Birdie will not be available until July 25… for reasons unspecified.

So how do you get your hands on the Street Fighter V beta? Well, dear reader, that depends entirely on where you’re from. If you’re located in the States, you’ll have to secure a pre-order on PS4 first. If you live in Europe, you’ll instead have to sign up and.. well, hope you get in.

If you’re located in Asia, Japan included, you’ll have to do the same thing. Catch is, you’ll have to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Additionally, Capcom said that a PC version of the beta will be released later this year. Unsurprisingly, no details were shared.

Fans have been mostly excited based on what they’ve played during trade shows and conventions, and now the general public will have their turn. The beta will be hard to judge the full game by — after all, this is also a demo — but it will give a good indication of how the final product, which is set to release March of next year, will turn out.

Avid fighting game players are very interested in getting their hands on Street Fighter V. Many of the mechanics make the game quite a change from the previous entry, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Besides, a lot of the game looks to be similar.

Are you excited for Street Fighter V? What characters do you want to see added to the game?

P.S.: Capcom, if you don’t include Akuma I will hunt you down.