Old Navy Shopper Posts Full Body Image After Hearing Fat Shaming Comments In Store

Rachel Taylor went to a nearby Old Navy in Louisiana to shop for a patriotic outfit for the Fourth of July, because we all know rocking our red, white, and blues is the thing to do. While shopping, she experienced a mother and daughter, whom she was standing between inside of Old Navy, pick up a tank top and begin to make fun on the size of the shirt.

Taylor was embarrassed of what she had witnessed and was hurt. She took to her Facebook to post a picture and talk about the incident she had encountered while shopping at Old Navy, according to Cosmopolitan.

“Old Navy, thank you got having adorable clothes for all shapes & sizes. I’d like to tell you the story behind this tank top and why I’ll be rocking it tomorrow for July 4th. Today I was shopping in Old Navy, standing in between a teenage girl and her mom. The girl picked up a plus-size tank top, showed it to her mom, and said, ‘Look! Me and So-and-so can fit in this tank top!” Her mom laughed and said, “Yeah, you could! That thing is huge!”

Taylor took the fat shaming personally,

“I couldn’t help it; I started crying. I guess the girl and her mom walked away. I have no idea. My husband walked me out of the store to the car.”

But she didn’t let the mother and daughter discourage her.

“I sat in the car crying for a long time but eventually went back inside to finish my shopping. I ended up buying that tank top because, it turns out, I look fierce in it! Be kind. Think about others before you speak. And if someone hurts you, you have to move on.”

Since posting the selfie about Old Navy on July 3, it has been “liked” over 80,000 times and shared over 11,000, according to WGWN TV. Old Navy has yet to respond to the incident, but everyone can agree that Rachel Taylor looks fierce in her Old Navy tank top. Taylor also hasn’t made any more comments on her Old Navy experienced but told a valuable story that everyone should be aware of. Even if you don’t mean to cause harm by the words you are saying, people can still hear you and it can effect the people around you, so always be kind in what you say.

Old Navy is known for it diverse clothing, ranging from all shapes and sizes, with cute styles.

[Photo by Rachel Taylor/ Facebook]