Nicole Curtis, Hostess Of HGTV’s ‘Rehab Addict,’ Is Pregnant

Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis, star of HGTV’s Rehab Addict, took to social media Monday to announce that she’s pregnant — although it took her a couple of tries to get it right.

As People reports, the 38-year-old real estate show star posted a picture on Facebook of herself holding her dog, Lucy. She also spotted an obvious baby bump, but the caption led some fans astray.

“To answer all your questions -yes! I was asked to be a surrogate -#lucy decided after all these years she wanted her own pups:) we all kindly ask for privacy and we still say spay or neuter your pets. “

A little while later, Nicole clarified that she was just kidding about the dog.

“#sarcasm #notasurrogate”

Nicole Curtis

The baby will be the second child for Nicole Curtis; she also has a teenage son, Ethan, who has appeared on Rehab Addict from time to time.

In a March 2015 interview in the Arizona Republic, Curtis talked about her struggles trying to run a business while being a single mother.

“Ten years ago, I was a struggling single mom working for people to take my design/construction work seriously.”

Nicole wasn’t always destined for the rehab/flipping business. Her family back in Michigan owned a garbage business — that’s where Nicole says she picked up her knack for upcycling — and she went to college with a goal toward being a teacher. But having Ethan changed all that; she started a housecleaning business to put herself through college.

Nicole says she picked up her rehab skills out of necessity — she was too broke to hire anybody to fix things for her.

“I got interested in rehabbing because I was poor. Nothing motivates you to learn how to do something like not having the money to pay to have it done.”

And Curtis insists that she does her thing because she’s concerned not about chasing the latest design trends, but because she has a heart for turning around struggling neighborhoods.

“My homes aren’t the majority or trendy, and that’s why they sell. They are unique and different. Every single one has deed restrictions, because I’m serious about neighborhood stabilization — they must always be owner-occupied, and they can never be torn down.”

It’s unclear who the father of Nicole Curtis’ baby is: according to Closer Weekly, she’s married, but won’t publicly identify her husband.

[Images courtesy of: Getty Images/Timothy Hiatt, Facebook]