‘Falling Skies’ Season 5 Episode 2: The Recap And A Preview Of The Dark Final Season

Falling Skies returned for its fifth and final season on June 28. At the end of Season 4, Lexi, Tom’s daughter, sacrificed herself to save everyone else. Tom was lost and needed to make his way back to the 2nd Massachusetts, which he did in Episode 1 of this season’s Falling Skies. Once he returned, he started having visions of his dead wife. Who is Tom’s mysterious benefactor who is using Tom’s dead wife to tell him what will happen in the future?

As previously reported in the Inquisitr, a lot of favorite shows are back, including Falling Skies.

Episode 2 of Falling Skies didn’t end the mystery according to IQN. Instead, the 2nd Mass had their food supply wiped out, and they had to find additional supplies. They succeeded in replenishing their food, and they solved the mystery of where the Skitters had disappeared to and what they were doing.

As they find themselves on the defensive, the 2nd Massachusetts fights a never ending number of Skitters. Tom still hasn’t recovered from the bug bite he received last week, and Anne is constantly having to rebandage it. They discover that the bug isn’t actually dead, but very much alive and is a combination of Skitter, human, and Overlord DNA with parts from each.

When the bug leaves their camp, it takes them to a seemingly bottomless pit full of bugs. With the Overlords’ technology gone, now it’s become a hand to hand fight between humans and Skitters, and the Skitters seem to have a never ending supply of Skitters to fight with.

As always, Falling Skies continues to add new characters with the addition of a new girl named Evelyn who becomes friends with Matt. When Maggie, Ben, Pope, and Sara return with the food, they return with a new girl named Caitlyn who has a human Skitter brother. They’ve tricked her into believing they can cure her brother in order to get the food.

For this episode, Falling Skies relied on some pretty stock plot lines according to Den of Geek. The first stock plotline included being trapped and on the defensive with wave after wave of Skitters attacking the camp. The other, the loss of their food supply and having to find another combined two stock plot lines that actually worked.

What’s in store for Falling Skies next? What did you think of the latest episode of Falling Skies? Was it too dark? Is there something wrong with Tom?

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