Party Invitation Goes Viral, Hundreds Attend Birthday Bash For Special 10-Year-Old

Patricia Didelot

When a Facebook page announced an open party invitation for a 10-year-old, his mom never imagined it would go viral. But that is just what happened, and hundreds of people showed up to help this special kid celebrate turning double digits.

Camden Eubank welcomed his 10th birthday in grand style after several dozen people showed up to make his dream of having a massive water balloon fight a reality. In the party invitation on Facebook, Camden's mom explains why her son deserves to have this one wish.

"Camden is turning 10 on July 6th and wants to have an ultimate water balloon fight party with 2,000 balloons and lots of kids. The only problem is Camden has Apraxia of speech and because of the issues with articulation and some impulsiveness he has a really hard time making friends"

Because of his developmental problems, the now 10-year-old has almost no friends. Camden suffers from a condition called Apraxia, a disorder of the central nervous system, a "neurological motor speech impairment that involves a breakdown in the transmission of messages from the brain to the muscles in the body, and/or the jaw, cheeks, lips, tongue and palate that facilitate speech." This prevents Camden from having a normal life and friends.

"He mainly plays with his older sister and her best friend and one other boy in the neighborhood. This friend is 11 and has recently decided he's too cool to hang out with a 'little kid that can't talk right.' So poor Cam is left with no one else to play with."

Incredibly, because of Reddit and Facebook, the party invitation went viral and hundreds showed up to make it a success.

"I don't even know where to begin to thank everyone. Each & everyone of you had a part in making Camden's birthday wish come true. I never expected the response that I got- I was just an upset mom venting. This was the birthday party of every little boys dream and you all made it happen for my little boy. We will never forget yesterday."

According to his mom, Camden loved going to his first concert, and the freckle-faced kid was smiling from ear to ear the entire time.

[Image via Facebook]