James Cameron, Google Execs, To Start Asteroid Mining Business

James Cameron has already traveled to the deepest spot in the ocean, and now he’s setting his sights on space. The Titanic director is teaming up with Google CEO Larry Page and the company’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt to create Planetary Resources Inc., a space venture that many are speculating will deal with the mining of asteroids.

Cameron, Page, and Schmidt will be holding a press conference next week to talk about the details about the new space company. A press release was sent out this weekend with a few minor details about the company.

According to the press release, Planetary Resources Inc., will combine “space exploration and natural resources — to add trillions of dollars to the global GDP.” The company also aims to “help ensure humanity’s prosperity.”

Mashable reports that more details about the venture will be revealed on Tuesday during an event in Seattle.

Cameron, Page, and Schmidt aren’t the only big names involved with Planetary Resources. NASA Mars Mission Manager Eric Anderson, comercial space entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, former Microsoft executive Charles Simonyi, Ross Perot Jr., and Google director K. Ram Shriram are also backing the company.

Cameron explored the deep sea while filming movies like Titanic and The Abyss. The director also showed his affinity for space with movies like Alien and his biggest hit, Avatar, centered around the idea of humans mining alien planets for resources. Cameron has not yet announced any plans based on his killer robots from The Terminator series.