Blake Lively Isn’t Blonde? Blake Dyes Her Hair ‘Bronde,’ Fans Have Mixed Reactions

Blake Lively isn’t blonde anymore. The actress has dyed her hair “bronde,” which is apparently a mix of brunette and blonde. According to People Magazine, Blake Lively is embracing a whole new look. Known for her long, luscious, wavy, perfect blonde hair, fans are trying their best to get used to the look, which is certainly a change.

As People points out, this isn’t the first time that Blake Lively has changed her hair color. Blake actually went red back in 2011 for the movie Hick. When she filmed Green Lantern with her now-husband, Ryan Reynolds, she was a brunette.

Since news that Blake Lively isn’t blonde anymore hit the internet, fans have had mixed reactions.

so Blake lively is no longer blonde and she’s still the hottest woman to walk this earth @blakelively

— StaziP (@stazipezza) July 7, 2015

And based on Blake’s Instagram caption, it sounds like she’s not completely used to the new hue just yet.

Although Blake Lively isn’t blonde in these photos, she can dye her hair back to blonde any time that she’d like. The mom of one (daughter, James, was born in December) likely just wanted to try something different.

According to MTV, the second photo of Blake’s new hair color is what really stood out.

“In a closer shot, her hair looks darker than it does from afar—while there are lighter pieces framing her face, the overall color is definitely more brown than blonde. While we eagerly await more photos of the brand new color, these two photos will help us formulate a new image of Blake ‘Bronde’ Lively in our minds.”

The last time Blake made headlines was on Father’s Day. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, fans started getting on her and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, because they were using a baby carrier the wrong way. The couple didn’t give in to the negativity at all, and clearly couldn’t be bothered by other people’s opinions on their baby-carrying skills.

Question is, will Blake hear the fans cry for a return of the blonde locks? Only time will tell.

Are you surprised that Blake Lively isn’t blonde anymore? What do you think of her “bronde” look?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images]