‘Dominion’ Season 2 Premieres And Promises Hell As Angels And Demons Battle It Out

SyFy supernatural drama Dominion premieres on Thursday, July 9 at 10:00 p.m. According to TV Fanatic, the second season promises “not only to be darker but more intense.” It is one of the many shows to premiere in July as part of the new television season.

Dominion is loosely based on the movie Legion starring Paul Bettany. Bettany starred as the character Michael, one of the archangels of Heaven and the leader of God’s Army. Michael comes to earth to save a young woman who is destined to give birth to a child that will be the hope of mankind. He finds her in a diner in the middle of nowhere where they fight the angel Gabriel and his host of angel demons. The young woman, Charlie, manages to escape with her boyfriend Jeep and saves her son.

The series Dominion picks up years later when the baby is now a young man. Christopher Egan as Alex Lannon is a rebellious young soldier in the Vega army (formerly Las Vegas). He is unaware that he is the savior. The archangel Michael arrives to help the humans save what is left of mankind as mankind survives in only a few cities. Gabriel and his legions of lower angels (known for their black eyes and called eight balls) are warring against mankind. He believes that humans are to blame for God leaving Heaven and disappearing and because of it, he seeks to destroy them.

At the end Dominion‘s Season 1, Alex was on his way to meet with Gabriel while Claire, one of the Vega council member’s daughter, is pregnant with Alex’s baby. Although Claire is in love with Alex, she was married off to another council member’s son to ensure their families continued to rule in Vega. In Season 2 of Dominion, Claire and Alex will find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. Meanwhile, William, Claire’s new husband, is lost in the desert.

One interesting aspect of the Dominion story and something of a mystery in Dominion is that except for Michael and Gabriel, who are archangels, the rest of the angels are lower angels. Most of the higher angels have refused to become involved. Will Rafael and Lucifer, the only other two angels mentioned in the Bible show up? If so, what sides will they choose and what parts will they play? Will the higher angels continue to avoid the conflict?

Some will recognize some of the faces in Dominion. Tom Wisdom, who stars as Michael, starred as Astinos in the movie 300. Anthony Head previously starred in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

For those who haven’t watched the first season of Dominion, here’s what to do before the beginning of the season: watch Legion. It gives the backstory for Dominion. Once you’ve watched the movie, then rent Dominion and catch up.

Do you plan to watch the second season of Dominion? What do you think will happen next? What characters would you like to join the battle in Dominion?

[Photo Credit TV.com]