Jose Canseco: Ex-MLB Slugger Signs With Worcester Tornadoes

Jose Canseco, the 1988 American League MVP who admitted to anabolic steroid use back in 2005, has signed with an independent league team, the Worcester Tornadoes of the Can-Am league, in a one season contract.

Canseco, who has written two books including Juiced in which he claims 85% of major league players used banned substances, was in Boston Friday for the 100th anniversary celebration at Fenway Park. While attending the celebration with other former Red Sox players honored in the pregame ceremony, Jose was quoted by having said:

“I can’t wait. It’s what I love to do. I’ll play anywhere, any time for any team that wants me. I’ll play until I can’t find a place to play. It’s my addiction.”

While the former MLB heavy-hitter has appeared on reality television shows such as The Surreal Life and Celebrity Apprentice, Tornadoes owner Todd Breighner appears confident that he is indeed serious about playing in Worcester and it is no gimmick. Breighner was quoted having said:

“I don’t really think it’s appropriate to have a gimmick, so we talked for a couple of weeks and I wanted to make sure he was committed and in shape and was serious about playing baseball. I wanted to feel that we wouldn’t have a situation [where he abruptly leaves the team]. There are no guarantees, but I do have a reasonable comfort level that he wants to be here. I think he truly loves the game. We’ll see what happens when he gets here. I think he’ll be very friendly to the crowd and he’s going to participate in the community.”

Canseco was in negotiations to play in the Mexican League prior to his alleged refusal to take a doping test. The Can-Am League on the other hand, has no drug-testing policy currently in place.

Jose Canseco hit 462 home runs during his impressive 17-year Major League Baseball career and now he’s signed with the Can-Am league’s Worcester Tornadoes, who went 48-44 last year.