Woman Shops Naked At New Jersey’s Wawa Convenience Store [Video]

woman shops naked

Early Monday morning, a naked woman was spotted strolling along New Jersey’s 130 before heading into a busy Delran Wawa convenience store to apparently do some shopping.

According to NBC10, who happened to have been there to capture the strange occurrence, the unidentified naked woman walked into the store and then left empty-handed after about two minutes inside.

Witnesses who were in the store alleged that some of the employees had asked her to leave and threatened to call the police.

The news outlet was in Delran covering hometown hero Carli Lloyd’s Women World Cup win, and it was then, around 6 a.m. that they stumbled across the incident.

After exiting the store the naked woman reportedly got into a car that was packed with clothes and other belongings before driving off.

Not many persons seemed to have noticed or cared that there was a naked woman strolling along as they went about their busy mornings getting coffees and groceries.

Well, except this one guy who stopped and watched as she walked into the store, then, as soon as she was gone, he went into his car and drove off as if he did not just witness something a tad bit out of the ordinary.

The Delran Police have since stated that they were not made aware of the naked shopper.

[Image via NBC10]