NBC Cancels ‘A.D.,’ ‘Hannibal,’ Netflix And Amazon Pass On ‘Hannibal’

NBC has cancelled A.D. and Hannibal, leaving fans of both shows in the lurch while producers look for alternative media outlets to host the shows. Unfortunately, Netflix and Amazon have both passed on Hannibal, leaving few remaining options for fans of the drama.

As The Spreadit reports, NBC’s decision to cancel Hannibal has left fans with a multitude of unanswered questions, causing no end of frustration for fans wondering how the stories will pan out for their favorite characters. And if Hannibal fails to get picked up by another outlet, fans may never get satisfaction.

“How long will it take for Mason Verger, Margot’s sadistic twin brother to find Dr. Hannibal Lecter? How many intellectuals will Hannibal kill in Italy before he is caught? Can Will Graham make up his mind? Is he planning to kill Hannibal or not? Will Hannibal eat Will and Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier before the season is over? Can somebody ask Rihanna to make a cameo in Hannibal Season 4? And, why in the world did Jack Crawford let Hannibal slip out a window when he could have killed him?”

Unfortunately, hopes that Amazon or Netflix would pick up Hannibal have officially been dashed, leaving the crime drama with few options. Show runner Bryan Fuller confirmed the sad news on social media.

Things may be looking slightly better for A.D. Although the show brought huge ratings at first, the numbers went down just as dramatically, leading NBC to axe the show. That didn’t seem to phase producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett; the two producers are partners in an online religious content-streaming channel set to debut in 2016 or 2017, according to Variety. A.D. The Bible Continues, which developed a loyal, if small, following on NBC, would be a perfect fit for the upcoming channel.

There is, however, one huge problem with resurrecting A.D. a year or even two years from now; the actors, which include Juan Pablo Di Pace as Jesus, will all need work between now and then. Variety reports that they’ve all been released from their contracts. If and when A.D. returns from the dead, the producers may have to hire new actors – which may not sit well with fans who have already grown to love the original cast.

What are your thoughts on NBC’s decision to cancel A.D. and Hannibal?

[Image courtesy of NBC]