Simon Cowell Biography: Unauthorized And Overflowing With Secrets

According to an extremely revealing new biography on Simon Cowell, the infamous America’s Got Talent judge receives Botox injections, vitamin drips, colonic irrigations (colon cleansing), and insists black toilet paper is used in his home.

British journalist and biographer Tom Bower – who previously wrote about Mohammad al-Fayed, Conrad Black, and Gordon Brown – has released his latest unauthorized biography titled Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell.

The portrait painted of Cowell by Bower offers intimate details of The X Factor judge’s life behind the silver screen. After becoming infatuated with Cowell’s ability to take the old-fashioned talent contest into the 21st-century and generate an estimated $320 million in the process, as estimated by the Sunday Times Rich List, Bower decided to write the biography which entails the struggle of a middle-aged music producer who manages to manifest himself as as success in order to prove to those who disparaged him prior to his widely recognized success in the entertainment industry. Bower was quoted having said:

“He had 20 years – more than 20 years – of humiliation. At school he was a total failure and as a music producer he was a total failure.”

While the book wasn’t authorized by Simon, Fox News reports that the book was written with his participation as the two spent time together on his private jet, his yacht in the south of France as well as the Caribbean, and at his Los Angeles home. In regards to Cowell’s participation in the biography, Bower was quoted having said:

“He clearly wanted his story told properly, but there are parts he didn’t want told and it was up to me to find out about them.”

Sweet Revenge is scheduled for United States publication on Tuesday by Ballantine Books.