‘True Detective’ Star Taylor Kitsch Talks ‘The Normal Heart’ And How He Will Always Be Recognized As Tim Riggins From ‘Friday Night Lights’

Taylor Kitsch has seen his share of success in the television world, from his popular role as Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights to his newest part as Paul Woodrugh on True Detective. While most fans remember Kitsch as Riggins, his role as the troubled investigator in True Detective might be the most disturbed character he’s played to date.

Although most of the characters on True Detective have their share of troubles and dark secrets, Woodrugh’s life is particularly rough. The detective, whose body was left scarred after a military operation went wrong overseas, has a host of issues, including a mother who is a little too touchy and an ongoing need to suppress his gay feelings.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Taylor Kitsch talked about how his character’s struggles with his gay feelings were similar to another character he played in The Normal Heart, who also tried his best to hide his true feelings.

“Totally, man. There’s a through line in that sense of not being able to be the guy that he is, what that means to him, and how deep that runs. It goes back to the desperation, and how tragic that is. When we really see how desperate this guy is, it’s heartbreaking. It’s so sad. God knows how much f**king energy it takes to hide behind all that. This case is really a backdrop for exposing who these guys really are. What’s so enthralling is the winding up and winding down of who these guys really are, and exposing that.”

In regards to his other television roles, Kitsch also revealed that people still recognize him as Riggins on the street, even after all these years.

“I mean, I’m walking around the streets of New York and a bunch of people came up to me today… People will say how much they love the show, and how they like Riggins, and Kyle Chandler, and all that. It feels like forever ago, personally, but it’s always flattering nonetheless.”

Kitsch went on to add that his role as Riggins is a hit with both sexes, and that even men sometimes come up to him and talk about how much Riggins impacted them.

“I think when you’re in a bar or something—when I’m at a bar in Austin, guys will come up. The beauty of Riggs, too, is it’s guys and girls, so it’s the ultimate flattery.”

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[Image Courtesy: HBO]