‘Married To Medicine’ Heavenly Kimes Gives Her Thoughts On Quad And Lisa

Married To Medicine star Heavenly Kimes may not have been involved in the fight between Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud, but she was there when she learned that the fight had taken place. Quad and Lisa had met for lunch to solve their issues, but the lunch ended in a violent act and the ladies were injured.

When Heavenly Kimes learned of the fight, she appeared a bit shocked. Maybe Kimes hadn’t realized that the ladies would get into a physical altercation, even though the topic matter was serious in nature. However, Heavenly has some interesting facts to contribute to the story.

According to a new Bravo report, Married To Medicine star Heavenly Kimes is now revealing that Lisa had also done background checks on the entire cast before the reunion show last year. But it was only Quad who was furious with the act.

“Ok here is my take on the Quad/Lisa incident. First of all we all know Lisa ran a background check for the reunion show last year! She did one on myself, Mariah, and Quad. And Quad only because they had only been friends a few months and her PI thought it would be best,” Kimes reveals about the drama.

Plus, Heavenly Kimes also brings up another interesting Married To Medicine fact. She actually brought up the background checks, even though Lisa had been slammed over doing so.

“Lisa did NOT bring up the backgrounds. I did. Whatever is in my background I know about and will own…because I did it! I do think Quad went too far when she said lies about Lisa Nicole’s husband. There is no illegitimate child. Now granted Quad was wrong, but there is never an excuse to hit or throw water on anyone,” Heavenly Kimes reveals, adding, “Both the ladies are wrong, wrong, WRONG. Let’s all grow up. And move on.”

Lisa Nicole spent some time defending her decision on Twitter as the episode was airing.

According to the Inquisitr, a Married To Medicine producer has spoken out about the fight, and he was shocked that he had to step in. Usually, he just lets the women argue and settle their issues, but things quickly got physical.

What do you think of Heavenly Kimes’ thoughts? Are you surprised that Married To Medicine has become so violent, considering the wives represent their working husbands or businesses?

[Image via Bravo]