Cincinnati Beating: Shocking Images Of Crowd Laughing At Bloodied Tourist [Video]

Many are asking what exactly happened in the Cincinnati beating of an innocent tourist, who was left bloodied and lying on the street while crowds of bystanders laughed and did nothing to help him.

What was supposed to be a fun night celebrating the Fourth of July in Cincinnati turned into a nasty display of less-than-proper behavior by an unruly mob Saturday night. The city's police department were out in full force, wearing their riot gear.

But perhaps one of the most disturbing images to come out of the events on Saturday are those of a mob surrounding a bloodied white tourist while he lay on the ground motionless, as some laughed at and insulted him.

According to the New York Daily News, the man seen on a video was identified as 27-year-old Christopher McKnight of Indiana. He was allegedly jumped by a crowd of black teens as Fourth of July crowds filled the square after a hip-hop concert, fireworks show, and a Cincinnati Reds baseball game, authorities said.

Even though a police captain originally described the Cincinnati beating as a "anti-white" crime, the statement was retracted on Monday. Police say it is not clear whether the attack was racially motivated.

The Gateway Pundit reports bottles, rocks, fireworks, and punches were thrown at police as they tried to bring the situation under control.

"Several officers were wounded including one who needed stitches after a thrown glass bottle struck him in the face. Another officer was punched and received a split lip.

According to one report, police had to rescue a white man being attacked by about forty black people."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, bystanders taunted the man seen in the Cincinnati beating video and verbally attacked him.

"You got knocked the f*** out, b****," called out one of the bystanders, while others tried to come to McKnight's rescue by making room and calling for an ambulance. One of the Good Samaritans shooed the laughing man away saying, "That s*** ain't cool, bro."

McKnight was hospitalized with a concussion, broken nose, and other facial injuries. Additionally, WLWT said two police officers were injured during the disturbances in Cincinnati Saturday night. Several witnesses report youth setting off fireworks in garbage cans, as well as provoking police around 11 p.m.

The Daily News reports the victim of the Cincinnati beating was released from the hospital the following day. Even though seven suspects were charged as a result of the violence, no one has been charged in McKnight's beating. The injured officers returned to work on Monday.

[Image via Cincinnati vs Everyone, YouTube]