Netflix And Amazon Pass On Hannibal While Netflix Quietly Removes Hundreds Of Movies From Site

Netflix And Amazon Pass On Hannibal While Netflix Quietly Removes Hundreds of Movies From Site

Netflix and Amazon both chose to pass on picking up Hannibal for its fourth season after it was canceled. Although Amazon has an exclusive contract to offer the first three seasons of the show, Deadline reported that show creator Bryan Fuller was already working on a new show, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, for STARZ. Gaiman tweeted that he was hopeful that Hannibal would be picked up and hosted elsewhere. Currently, the cast members of Hannibal have been released from their contracts and are free to pursue other projects. It could take up to a year before the show could actually again begin production.

The reason it is believed that Netflix passed on the project is because Amazon has exclusive rights to Hannibal for its first three seasons. This is normally a deal breaker for Netflix, since they only host series where they have the rights to offer all the episodes for a series.

As reported in Omaha, Netflix also added some new movies. These included the original Terminator and A Simple Plan. A Simple Plan is a Sam Raimi movie, one he made in between the Evil Dead series and the Spiderman trilogy. It is one of his thrillers. Netflix also added additional television shows to its latest offerings, including some exclusives.

Although Netflix doesn’t list the movies that are removed and only releases the list to the press, there are many sites that offer listings of Netflix’s latest offerings. Digital Trends cited some new original series that Netflix will show, and included BoJack Horseman, a series about a drunken horse. Netflix is also offering some new series for children that include second seasons of H2O, Mermaid Adventures and Turbo Fast. Glee and White Collar, Seasons 6, are also available. For the shows going away, Netflix offers a last date to watch. Two of the titles that are departing are Stephen King’s The Stand and Super Troopers.

Netflix quietly removed hundreds of movies from their offerings. According to Mashable, they removed about 500 titles. These included 300 titles on June 30, and an additional 200 on July 5. Many of the movies Netflix removed were classics and included The Apartment, The Graduate, The Odd Couple and Taxi Driver. Some of the television series that were removed included Knight Rider and Mission: Impossible. Netflix normally adds about 50 new movies and television shows at a time.

So what do you think about Netflix refusing to pick up Hannibal? What movies and television shows would you like to see on Netflix?

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