Flying Chair With Balloons: Man Arrested For ‘Up’ Ride Doesn’t Regret Decision, He ‘Wanted’ The Attention [Video]

Flying Chair With Balloons

A flying chair with balloons wound up getting a Canadian man more than a lot of attention — it got him into a lot of trouble, as well. He’s being charged by police with mischief after he flew over Calgary, on Sunday afternoon, in a lawn chair carried by 150 helium-filled balloons — more charges could be added, as well. It was a publicity stunt for the 26-year-old’s cleaning services business.

Daniel Boria, from Victoria, flew over Calgary before parachuting to safety. The Times Colonist reports that while Boria doesn’t regret what he did, since he wanted the attention for his business, he’s concerned about what further charges he’ll be slapped with.

“It is a little bit of a worry, I’m not going to lie. It is the first thing I’ve ever done wrong, but the police were extremely nice to me.”

He says that he didn’t think that his flying chair with balloons would’ve generated such a negative outcome.

“We didn’t think it would be pursued this aggressively and we didn’t think the outcome would be this negative, but at the same time it was the most exhilarating experience I could ever imagine, so no we definitely don’t regret it.”

All in all, the balloon man, who was arrested, admits maybe he made a few bad judgment calls.

“Maybe we did make a few bad judgment calls, but all in all, everyone was really accommodating and I think most people understood why we did it and they thought it was just fantastic, all the feedback we’re getting is fantastic.”

Calgary police aren’t laughing. Insp. Kyle Grant, with the Calgary police, says while people find it humorous that this guy was on a flying chair with balloons, it could have had devastating consequences. He says “when you sit back and you think about it, it’s just very irresponsible.” He says flying over a city of 1.2 million people isn’t the smartest thing to do in an unsophisticated get-up like Boria’s. He had no way of steering the concoction, Grant said. The balloon-craft hit a higher altitude than Boria meant to go, due to high winds — and that’s when he parachuted after puncturing several balloons in an effort to descend, ABC News reports.

When Boria hit the ground, he rolled his ankle, which resulted in a minor injury. He was taken into police custody, charged, and released soon afterward.

It’s unclear what additional charges the man will face for creating a flying chair with balloons. Fortunately, no one else was hurt.

[Image via ABC News video screenshot]