Emily Maynard Causes Confusion In Regards To Her Pregnancy

Emily Maynard has been keeping a low profile since she met Tyler Johnson a few years ago at her church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Prior to meeting Tyler, Emily was filming The Bachelorette, and she was trying to make her engagement to Jef Holm work. She even tried to settle her drama with Arie Luyendyk, but she did so away from the Bachelor cameras.

Since she ended her engagement to Jef, Emily Maynard decided to focus on herself and her daughter, Ricki Maynard. Maynard continued to live in Charlotte, and she ended up dating someone who she had known prior to joining the show. They married last year and now, she is ready to give birth to her second child.

According to a new tweet, Emily Maynard revealed that she is very much pregnant, even though she could have hinted that she had given birth. It is no secret that Maynard’s due date is just around the corner, and her fans are eagerly waiting the arrival of little baby Maynard-Johnson.

“Sorry for the confusion.. I’m still very much pregnant. I think he’s going to be in there forever,” Emily Maynard revealed after causing some confusion in regards to her pregnancy as many fans thought that she had given birth.

Emily is expecting a son, and her daughter is very excited about becoming a big sister. So Maynard and Tyler are doing everything possible to get ready for their son’s arrival, which could be any minute.

“Who knew me and the hot guy from church would be installing car seats together one day?” Emily Maynard revealed, sharing a picture of Tyler installing a car seat in their car.

On social media, Maynard has shared pictures from her wedding and her baby shower. It is no secret that Emily isn’t interested in being on television anymore, but she still wants to keep fans involved in regards to what is going on in her life.

According to the Inquisitr, it was just two years ago that she was keeping a low profile and trying not to date too much. Maybe she just wanted to recover from her failed engagement to Jef Holm as it was a dramatic and painful breakup. Holm himself has been keeping a low profile, and he continued to work on his business in Salt Lake City.

What do you think of Emily Maynard being ready to give birth? Are you excited to see her son when he arrives?

[Image via Instagram]