‘Hollywood Cycle’: Famed LA Cycle House Gets TV Show, Premieres Tonight On E Starring Cycling Instructors Nichelle, Aaron, And Nick

Hollywood Cycle, the brand new television series that features Cycle House— the home of the best indoor cycling classes in Los Angeles, premieres tonight on the E channel. Catering to many of Hollywood’s biggest celebs, Cycle House‘s instructors are the “celebrities to the celebrities,” and they teach that “failure doesn’t exist, unless you quit.” Hollywood Cycle: Welcome To Cycle House viewers will learn quickly that to these instructors and students taking classes at the Cycle House is like a religion—it’s a lifestyle or even a cult.


Cycle House, located on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood, California, has several instructors, but viewers will meet Nichelle, Nick, and Aaron in tonight’s Hollywood Cycle season premiere.

First up is no-nonsense Nichelle, aka ‘The Chief Riding Officer,’ the most popular instructor at the Cycle House. Nichelle eats, sleeps, and breathes indoor cycling, and ‘LA hot bodies’ are willing to do anything to take her class. People who have been lucky enough to get in say that she really kicks –ss, and her indoor cycling class is the most intense workout they’ve ever had. Her in-your-face attitude may seem off-putting, but Nichelle has a heart of gold.

Next is Nick; he’s the Cycle House superstar since both the boys and the girls love him. According to Hollywood Cycle’s trailer, he’s also the only one who isn’t afraid of Nichelle. Their on-air blow-ups will have viewers feeling the heat, but Nick says despite their disagreements, he has nothing but love for her.

Aaron is Nichelle’s brother, and the ladies really love looking at him. But don’t let his good looks fool you. This drop dead gorgeous indoor cycling master’s workouts are grueling. The director of training is also a stickler for the rules, such as “only workout bras allowed–no tanks.” Aaron also makes it his business to hire and train only the best cycle instructors—and they’d better be sexy.

Last, but not least, are Adam and Lara. They are the owners of Cycle House and have the job of making sure that their gym continues to live up to its reputation as being the best cycling house there is.

As for visuals, Hollywood Cycle: Welcome To Cycle House offers up state of the art fitness and gym equipment, colorful workout clothing and gym decor, and of course….beautiful people.

Some of the drama that you’ll see unfold includes a nasty encounter between Nichelle and a Latina woman who boasts that Nichelle is jealous of her because she has a big booty and real hair. E channel viewers will also see Nichelle’s ego take a hit after Adam and Lara reveal that they are looking for more cycle “stars.”

And those ‘hotriders’ and ‘ridezillas’ taking the indoor cycling classes? Don’t count them out. Their aggressive, judgmental attitudes threaten to shatter the confidence of some of the non-makeup wearing students.

Hollywood Cycle is sure to have viewers pulling out those old tanks and tennis shoes after the debut of tonight’s first episode. Tune into the E Channel tonight at 10/9 central. #HollywoodCycle

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