Chloe Bartoli & Scott Disick PDA: Fed Each Other, Scott A ‘Drunken Mess’

Chloe Bartoli & Scott Disick PDA: Fed Each Other, Scott A 'Drunken Mess'

More details about Chloe Bartoli’s PDA-fueled sighting with Scott Disick are coming out of the woodwork. The 32-year-old reality star was seen getting cozy with the 25-year-old stylist. New reports are claiming that Chloe and Scott were even photographed feeding each other.

Chloe Bartoli may have been the reason for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s sudden decision to split. Bartoli isn’t the only woman in Disick’s life. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was also seen with a mysterious 21-year-old brunette woman before he jet-setted to France.

However, that hasn’t stopped Scott from getting cozy with Chloe. According to several insiders, the alleged couple were even feeding each other food while enjoying the sights and sounds of Monaco over the Fourth of July weekend. An insider told Us Weekly that Chloe and Scott couldn’t stay away from each other.

“They were all over each other and so blatant. They were feeding each other with their own forks. She was nuzzling his head on her shoulder, and he was stroking her arms and thighs.”

Another insider noted that Disick was a “drunken mess” and already “flirting heavily” with Bartoli when they caught up with one another at the Monte-Carlo Beach Club in Monaco. It’s been reported that Bartoli is Disick’s ex-girlfriend. The two dated in 2006 when he took a break from Kardashian, prior to her first pregnancy with her son, Mason.

“He was hot and heavy with Chloe for a brief time. Kourtney is freaking out and kicked him out again. She can’t believe he’d be so stupid to embarrass her and be photographed all over Chloe.”

Scott didn’t just party with Chloe Bartoli and a mystery brunette woman. He was also seen with a group of teenage girls. Scott headed to a nightclub in Miami, where he was seen drinking with the underage girls. According to an insider, Scott was so intoxicated that he passed out on a couch.

The reality is hitting Disick hard. After pictures of him getting cozy with Bartoli surfaced on the internet, he’s scared to face Kardashian when he returns back to Los Angeles. An insider told the Hollywood Life how Disick’s feeling about his PDA-fueled vacation with Bartoli.

“He knows he messed up but now he is scared of the consequences and what it will do to him. He is really taking his time to come back and deal with this situation. It’s actually weird to see how he’s reacting to all of this – he’s basically a very immature person and needs to grow up, take a stand and fight for his family and relationship. He really need some help.”


Some fans have wondered if Scott’s alleged partying and run-in with Chloe Bartoli was a set up for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. According to a new report, there were no cameras on sight during his vacation. Chloe and Scott’s PDA-fueled sighting was not a storyline for the reality show, as the couple were filmed and photographed far away, without their knowledge. Scott obviously has some explaining to do, since Kourtney is outraged over the situation.

“Kourtney is once again embarrassed by Scott’s behavior. She is absolutely livid with what she has seen. Her mind is racing on what else could be happening. Scott breaking her heart isn’t anything new, but this latest issue has her very upset and not sure what to do.”

It’s been rumored that Kourtney and Scott could get back together for the sake of their three children. Scott Disick’s alleged partying and cheating have made headlines before, but he’s never been caught quite like this. It sounds like his affair with Chloe Bartoli is for real. What are your thoughts on the Scott and Kourtney split? What do you think about him moving onto Chloe? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Chloe Bartoli / Instagram]