Donald Trump Just Had A Twitter Fight With A ‘Modern Family’ Writer And Lost Embarrassingly

At the moment, Donald Trump running for president is hilarious funny. It won’t be that way for some people if he’s actually elected, but until that point, we can just sit back and enjoy the various quarrels that he gets himself into.

One of the most recent battles that Trump found himself in was on Twitter, where he duelled with Modern Family writer Danny Zuker. Now, since Zuker is a professional comedy writer, you might have thought it would have been wise for Trump to have backed off from their fight.

But that’s not the Trump way, and the business mogul went at Zuker full pelt — only to end up looking like a complete fool.

According to Daily Kos, this battle actually started all the way back on June 12, when Donald Trump wrote as follows.

“I’ve been warning about China since as early as the 80’s. No one wanted to listen. Now our country is in real trouble. #TimetoGetTough.”

Zuker then responded with a picture from a Trump hotel that showed the towels inside had been created in China. He also wrote as follows.

“You’ve always been tough on China, sir. Particularly the children who make your s***** clothes.”

Donald Trump then decided to fight back, but he did so in such a pathetic manner that you actually couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Trump wrote as follows.

“Danny — You’re a total loser!”

But don’t worry, because Danny Zuker was soon on hand to teach Trump a lesson in comebacks.

“Your insults need work. Here’s one I’ve been working on: ‘Every picture you post of yourself is a di** pic.’ See?”

Trump wasn’t done, though. In fact, he seemed to believe that he’d actually won that sparring battle.

“I can’t resist hitting lightweight @DannyZuker verbally when he starts up because he is pathetic and easy (stupid).”

Zuker wasn’t done smacking Trump around though, and he made sure to continue with his attack.

“@realDonaldTrump Since you’re unable to manufacture decent comebacks maybe you could outsource the job to China #LOL.”

Trump later tried to attack Zuker’s work on the multi-award winning Modern Family.

“Just tried watching Modern Family – written by a moron, really boring. Writer has the mind of a very dumb and backward child. Sorry Danny!”

But Zuker was already waiting with his perfect response.

“@realDonaldTrump Doesn’t like the show I work on but then we’ve never tested well with the racist, hypocritical, multiple bankruptcy demo.”

And their final round was probably the best. Trump once again played the only card he had, which was to call Zuker a “moron.”

“@Leigh26Heather: @realDonaldTrump WHO ON EARTH IS DANNY ZUKER????!!!!’ A lightweight moron who only gets attention by attacking Trump.”

But then Zuker beautifully wrote back.

“Clearly the one thing @realDonaldTrump DIDN’T inherit from his daddy was a thesaurus. #Loser #Dummy #Lightweight”

Game. Set. And Match.

[Images via Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images & ABC]