Kaitlyn Bristowe Pokes Fun At Herself Breaking Hearts: ‘I Haven’t Peed This Whole Episode’

Kaitlyn Bristowe finally decided to come clean to the guys on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette in regards to her sexual escapades with Nick Viall. Kaitlyn had been scared in regards to Viall bragging about their night together, but when she learned that he hadn’t uttered a word, she felt it was the right time to come clean.

While it may have been emotional for Kaitlyn Bristowe to tell the guys about her intimate night with Nick, she didn’t seem to be as sad about it when she was live-tweeting the Bachelorette last night. While filming, Bristowe was torn as to whether it had really been a bad idea to hook up with Viall. However, Kaitlyn couldn’t help but make a little fun of the guys and herself as she reflected on last night’s episode.

According to a new set of tweets, Kaitlyn Bristowe decided to spend the majority of the time turning a heartbreaking episode into something fun. First up, Kaitlyn had to break the news to Joe Bailey, who was eager to put his feelings on the line. When he learned that Bristowe had hooked up with Nick, he quickly became distant and she mocked his exit from the show.

The exit was rather sudden and it left Kaitlyn to pick up the pieces. After Joe watched the show back, he revealed that it had been an emotional journey, but that he may have been tired of not really getting any chances to talk to her, according to the Inquisitr.

But the episode’s biggest moment was when Kaitlyn Bristowe decided to tell Shawn Booth about her having sex with Viall. It is no secret that these two guys don’t like one another, and Bristowe has called out Shawn for being too emotional. However, he seemed to handle the news alright. But Kaitlyn couldn’t help but make fun of the situation, as Shawn headed to the washroom to pick himself up again.

At this point in time, Kaitlyn Bristowe is down to three suitors and it will be interesting to see which way she goes. Many viewers have expressed their dislike for Kaitlyn and it is possible that it is her sense of humor that is rubbing people the wrong way. She wants to have fun on the show, but mocking the guys when they are clearly broken hearted may not be the best way to win over viewers.

How do you think Kaitlyn Bristowe handled the episode last night?

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