Balloon Man Arrested: Canadian Man Arrested After Rigging Helium Balloons To Make Lawn Chair Fly

The balloon man has been arrested. In case you are wondering, the “balloon man” refers to a guy that decided to take to the skies via 100 helium-filled balloons.

According to ABC News, the Canadian man was taken into custody after he rigged some helium balloons to a lawn chair and flew over Calgary. Daniel Boria, 26, was trying to promote a cleaning business, so he put a banner on a lawn chair, and decided it would be smart to fly overhead. You know, to get some attention.

Not surprisingly, his stunt didn’t go as planned. He ended up losing control of his makeshift aircraft, and had to jump out. Fortunately (for him), he was wearing a parachute, and was able to land in one piece.

“He had no control device on the balloons and really was just traveling by the grace of the wind. It was a little too windy and he went a little too high and the stunt wasn’t responsible,” said Derek Mohajer.

The balloon man was arrested by police, and is now facing serious charges, including mischief causing danger to life. Some reports indicate that the man injured his foot when he landed, but he is said to be okay otherwise. Despite being in some trouble, the man seems pretty proud of his efforts.

According to USA Today, the man says that he spent $12,000 on helium, and really thought this would be a great way to promote his “all natural cleaning solution” business.

“I rose to a certain altitude and the winds got pretty intense. I was somersaulting out the chair, and it felt like minus 30. I watched below as the Stampede and my dream drifted away,” Boria explained.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this guy might give this stunt another go — once his legal issues clear up, that is.

“It was awesome, it was the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” he said. It is unknown what kind of consequences he is facing for his dangerous idea, but he really does not seem too concerned. To him, it was all worth it.

And while the balloon man got himself arrested following his unsuccessful stunt, police are still trying to locate the lawn chair. They expect that it will fall from the sky at some point, likely when the balloons all deflate or pop. And that chair? Could be anywhere by now.

[Photo via YouTube]