Christie Brinkley Reacts To Billy Joel Marrying Again

Christie Brinkley reacted to Billy Joel’s fourth marriage by posting a message to the bride and groom on Instagram.

Joel, 66, married his girlfriend Alexis Roderick, 33, in a surprise ceremony while celebrating Independence Day with their friends on July 4.

Following their ceremony, Brinkley, who was married to the musician more than 20 years ago, shared a picture of the couple on her Instagram page with a caption that read: “Congratulations to the glowing bride and groom. And to my daughter Alexa, who has a wonderful friend in Alexis! Wishing the growing family every happiness!”

Because of the former couple’s seemingly amicable relationship, many of Brinkley’s fans felt that her message was sincere, simply wishing the newlyweds happiness. However, some believe that she was making a snide comment about Alexis only being four years older than her daughter with Joel, Alexa, and the fact that Alexis is pregnant with his child.

However, a spokesperson for Brinkley confirmed to the Mail Online that her comment was not meant to be condescending.

“Christie posted a photo on her Instagram to send well-wishes to Billy, who remains a close friend, and his new bride, Alexis. There was by no means a cynical angle here and to say this is a backwards compliment, is not the truth nor was it the intention,” the spokesperson told the site.

“Christie genuinely cares for Alexis, Billy’s new bride, and their daughter Alexa loves her, too. It was a happy and loving event and her Instagram reflected that sentiment.”

Joel and Roderick have been together since 2009, and are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, this summer.

Alexa Ray also shared a photo of her father’s surprise ceremony on Instagram and captioned it with a sweet poem.

“After six years of quiet yet unrelenting devotion / A surprise wedding sets their undivided promise in motion / I’ve never seen Pop more besotted yet contented / Nor his Darling, more luminously glowing / And, sufficed to say / On this glimmering gold-coast day / Many a tear on my hopelessly-romantic cheek was flowing…”

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[Photo by Rob Kim / Getty Images]