Jeannie Mai Drops Out Of Miss USA Pageant Due To Donald Trump’s ‘Antics’: NBC Fires Trump, Drops Miss USA [Photos]

As Jeannie Mai drops out of her plan to co-host the 2015 Miss USA pageant, Donald Trump has become the center of a perfect pageant storm. Jeannie listed her reason for dropping out as the “ongoing antics” exhibited by Trump, reported E! News.

Most recently, Donald slammed Paulina Vega as a “hypocrite.” Currently Miss Universe, Vega received his wrath because she attacked his comments about Mexican immigrants while still wanting to keep her own beauty queen crown. Trump has also attracted wrath for many other remarks, resulting in anger at his political platform.

Reflecting on the increasingly hot backlash, with Univision and NBC opting out of broadcasting Miss USA this weekend, Jeannie made it clear that it was too much for her to manage.

Jeannie Mai drops out of co-hosting pageant.

Mai used Instagram to explain why she is dropping out, making it clear that her focus is on avoiding Trump rather than dissing the pageant.

“Last week I announced my heart-felt decision to support the women of Miss USA by remaining on board as a co-host,” she posted. “My focus was strictly on the women involved, who share the same ethics of hard work, commitment and passion for their careers and causes that I do. I have co-hosted for the last five years various Miss Universe events, and I’m grateful for the many women I’ve met and friends I’ve made along the way. I feel terrible that the women competing this year have fallen victim to current events.”

However, Jeannie added, when she decided to co-host the Miss USA pageant, she had thought that Donald would be out of the picture. When Mai found that he remained involved in impacting the show, she dropped out.

Jeannie Mai cites Donald Trump as her reason for dropping out.

“Let me be clear, I condemn the recent words of Mr. Trump, and find them immensely offensive. At the time I made my decision to remain part of the Miss USA pageant, I was under the impression that Mr. Trump would no longer be involved in the production of the show in any capacity what so ever. In addition, given Mr. Trump’s ongoing antics, including his most recent episode today with the current Miss Universe, it is clear that Mr. Trump’s actions have and will continue to distract focus away from the real stars of the show—the women involved in the pageant.”

As for the current status of the Miss USA pageant, the co-hosts are dropping faster than flies hit with Raid. In addition to Jeannie, Cheryl Burke, Thomas Roberts, Flo Rida, and Emmitt Smith have declined to co-host or participate.

2015 Miss USA Competition is in trouble.
2015 Miss USA Competition is losing co-hosts.

Trump continues to go strong with his comments about immigrants.

“[The] Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States,” declared Donald.

Scheduled to air on the Reelz network, the Miss USA 2015 pageant will be broadcast this Sunday night.

As the Inquisitr reported, Trump has attempted to add some humor to his campaign by focusing on his hair.

Fox News reporter Greta Van Susteren who wasn’t quite sure how to deal with Donald’s hair.

“This is an extraordinarily different kind of campaign,” analyzed the anchor. “This is the first hair touching I’ve heard of [in a presidential campaign].”

But Trump’s lawyer is focused not on the campaign but on lawsuits, reported the Wrap.

“We will be taking action against NBC,” warned Alan Garten, executive vice president and general counsel of The Trump Organization.

NBC fired Donald from Celebrity Apprentice, refusing to broadcast either the Miss USA or Miss Universe pageants. Trump and NBC Universal co-own both events.

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