Demi Lovato’s Cruel Summer Wipeout: Demi Tries To Play It Cool After Falling Onstage

Demi Lovato tried to look “Cool for the Summer” by wearing a pair of hot high heels during her performance at 102.7 KIIS FM’s party in L.A. Unfortunately, Demi found out the hard way that it’s never a good idea to wear sky-high heels on a slippery surface.

According to People, Demi Lovato was rocking the stage at the WaterMarke Tower when she took a nasty-looking tumble. Demi’s colorful high heels looked pretty sturdy, but they were no match for the soaking wet surface that the singer slipped on. Her small stage was set up right next to a pool, so fans were splashing water everywhere. Demi lost her balance near the edge of the water, and she busted hard.

The singer came dangerously close to smashing her face on the edge of the pool, but she was able to get back up on her feet. As you can see, she didn’t let her almost-faceplant stop her from having a good time — she jumped back on her feet and jumped into the pool.

Jumping in the pool was a stroke of genius — Demi Lovato avoided potentially busting again when she leapt off the slippery stage, she avoided standing around and looking embarrassed, and she made it look like she was planning on jumping in the pool all along (she was wearing a swimsuit, so she probably was).

Demi likely took the fall in stride because she’s busted on stage so many times before. One of her lovely Lovatics put together the video compilation below that shows Demi falling during different shows.

At least the poolside fall ended up benefiting Lovato in the end — it got everyone talking about her, and it helped draw attention to her new single, “Cool for the Summer.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Demi is also using her body to promote her summer song. The singer revealed that she’s lost a little weight, and she’s been proudly showing off her new figure by wearing sexy swimwear and short shorts. According to Demi, shorts that she couldn’t even fit into last summer are baggy on her now.

Unfortunately, promoting “Cool for the Summer” hasn’t been as easy as slipping into sexy outfits and jumping into pools. According to ET Online, Demi Lovato has also had to defend her new song from haters who claim that her song lyrics are too similar to those of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.” However, Demi sings about having “a taste for the cherry,” not enjoying the “taste of her cherry chapstick.” Demi took to Twitter to insist “I Kissed a Girl” and “Cool for the Summer” don’t sound the same at all.

Are you a fan of Demi Lovato’s summer song and the wet and wild way that she’s been promoting it?

[Image credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images]