Marine’s Now Allowing Women To Enroll In Infantry School

The Marine Corps announced this week that for the first time in its history it would allow women to train as infantry combat officers.

The announcement made in the Military Times is being called a “monumental” move by the closely guarded military unit which traditionally favored men for combat roles.

Before this announcement was made women were mostly positioned in personnel administration and aircraft maintenance roles, not allowed to serve on the front lines with the Marine’s enlisted men.

At this time it is still unclear how many women will head to the Infantry Officers Course in Quantico, Virginia, however those who are accepted will learn how to command troops in battle and then receive their marching orders. Women will also be able to attend basic infantry training although the Marines are still working out the finalized details for that scenario.

The shift in strategy comes as the Marines are attempting to find new ways to utilize women within their ranks rather than losing out on those enlistees to the Army and Air Force which traditionally have been more accepting of female members in various roles throughout their ranks.

The move to allow women into the infantry marks the end of an era when the “weaker” sex was considered “incapable” of fighting along men, it also shows that the US Marines are desperate to attract more enlistees at a time when the U.S. Armed Forces are spread pretty thin throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan and various other regions of the world.

Do you think allowing women into the Marine’s infantry is the right decision?