Ed Sheeran Reportedly ‘Ed Over Heels’ In Love, But Who With?

ED Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is reportedly in a serious new relationship. The problem seems to be that no-one can agree on who Sheeran is now dating. Speculation about Sheeran’s love life has been rife since the 24-year-old singer split with long term girlfriend Athina Andrelos back in February. Sheeran has been linked with a number of high profile celebrities in the past, including Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding. In recent weeks the gossip columns have linked Ed with Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, but it seems that there may be a new contender for Sheeran’s affections.

In the months since his break up with Andrelos, rumor had it that Sheeran’s friends were determined to hook Ed up with someone “normal” rather than a high profile celebrity. Sheeran himself has given hints that he was getting fed up with the “Hollywood bubble” and living life in the public eye. It was even reported that Sheeran might take a lengthy sabbatical from music to escape life in the spotlight for a while.

Rumors are now beginning to surface claiming that Sheeran is romantically involved with a long-time friend Louise Johnston. According to the Irish version of the Daily Mirror, Ed is getting “up close and personal” with Louise, a model and former reality TV star. According to the tabloid Sheeran and Louise have know each other since long before Ed broke into the big time. They have a rock solid friendship and Louise is far from “starstruck.” The fact that Louise is not a high profile celebrity is also said to be helpful.


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An unnamed source has reportedly told the Mirror that Louise and Ed’s romance has blossomed out of their friendship.

“Louise and Ed have been friends for years but now they have become a lot closer. They are constantly in touch, even when he is on tour, but he is coming here soon for a gig in Dublin and they will be able to catch up then.

“Friends and family now know, so it is out there. Louise really cares about him and it’s going very well.”

Neither Sheeran nor Johnston have made any comment about their friendship or any romantic involvement. Indeed a scan of Louise’s Instagram feed shows several recent pictures of her in the company of the same man, believed to be Dublin hairstylist Maurice Flynn.

Brunch buddies @mauriceflynn

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Time will tell whether or not Ed Sheeran has found a new love in Louise, perhaps Ed’s visit to Dublin’s Croke Park for two sold out shows later this month will reveal more.

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