‘Big Brother 17’: Jace Agolli Regrets Bullying Steve Moses

Jace Agolli and Steve Moses of 'Big Brother 17'

Jace Agolli is no longer a factor in the Big Brother 17 house, but some are still talking about his harsh treatment of fellow house guest Steve Moses. Now that he’s been evicted, Agolli has told The Hollywood Reporter that he regrets what he said to Steve, and he does not condone bullying.

Jace was nominated after Steve used the Power of Veto to save himself last week. In a classic “back door” scenario, Jace was put on the block with no competitions left to put him in a better position. In an attempt to earn votes, Jace said some negative things to Steve. A fan captured the footage and uploaded it to YouTube, and Big Brother Network summarized it this way.

“Jace starts saying really [rude] stuff and using silly analogies. It’s all pretty ridiculous. Then it turns to what some might call ‘bullying’ but I’m just going to call it insanity. He tells Steve he should feel like a terrible person. Jace tells him people make fun of him every time he leaves the room and says that he is a giant joke to everyone else. Jace also tells Steve that everyone calls him Geek Squad McGee and four-eyes.”

According to the BBN timeline, the conversation lasted approximately 20 minutes.

Agolli spoke with THR after he left the house, and says he regrets how the conversation “came off.”

“I want to let people know that I do not condone bullying in any way, shape or form. Inside the house things get a little bit crazy, and I got carried away with my conversation with Steve. I was acting; I was using all the skills that I obtained growing up in theater and using it my best to project on Steve an image of intense strength.

“Me coming on so intense was an intimidation tactic. I could have probably toned it down a little bit.”

Steve ultimately did not vote for Jace to stay. Agolli was evicted by a 12-1 vote. Audrey Middleton was the only house guest who voted in his favor. Jace told THR that Audrey might actually win the game, even though she is currently a target of the other house guests.

In past Big Brother seasons, controversial tactics of players inside the house have affected their lives after the game. During Big Brother 15, several players lost their real-world jobs because of racist and homophobic remarks.

Big Brother 17 airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday on CBS.

[Images: CBS]