Justin Bieber Shares Naked Butt Pic, Fans Go Cray With Memes [NSFW]

Justin Bieber Fans Besides Themselves Over Naked Butt Pic [NSFW]

Justin Bieber stepped up his selfie game on Monday night. In a big way. The singer thrilled Beliebers when he shared a nude picture of himself on Instagram.

In the process, Instagram briefly buckled under the traffic amid a flood of hilarious memes, as he proceeded to break the Internet. Last night, Justin Bieber unveiled one of the finest nude male butts seen in a long time, and anyone who body-shamed this guy should hang their heads.

The Biebs’ post, instructively captioned “Look,” shows the totally starkers 21-year-old star baring his buttocks on vacation in Bora Bora. In the shot, he’s facing away from a camera, and pointing at a distant island from the deck of a boat that is surrounded by azure, blue water.

Celebrities including Orange Is The New Black’s newbie, Ruby Rose, Miley Cyrus, Frankie Grande, and YouTube’s Kingsley each liked the pic and left comments.


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Meanwhile, Justin Bieber fans punched up over 600,000 likes of the Canadian’s Instagram in less than one hour, another 250,000 in two. In just under three hours, Justin saucy selfie racked up over one million likes and temporarily interrupted service on Instagram. In short, it was online mayhem, the very best kind. The post has now reached over 1.8 million likes.

As expected, the Beliebers let their collective imagination and thirst run riot with the Biebs’ butt naked snap. A slew of images have been doing the rounds on social media for hours.

One meme included one of yesterday’s hashtags. It echoes Beliebers’ calls for Justin to #turnaround.

A more outlandish meme Photoshopped Cyrus into Justin’s picture and reveals the songstress taking a bite out of his buttocks.

YES MILEY #turnaroundjustin

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Well known for her love of Photohopping, Cyrus, 22, regrammed the photo Justin shared, with a caption “Bieber VS Rihanna,” in a nod to a post she’d just shared of the Bajan star. It showed a rear shot of RiRi from her controversial, new music video, “B**** Better Have My Money.”

Cyrus also posted a Kim Kardashian-inspired image of the “Where Are Ü Now” singer with an enlarged butt, captioning it, “Bieber got back.”

Bieber got back!

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And the Justin Bieber memes kept coming.

Yas Kim #breaktheinternet #turnaroundjustin

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One especially colorful meme saw the crooner’s bottom become the two “o’s” in the Google logo.

BREAK THE INTERNET @justinbieber #justinbieber #justin #bieber #ass #booty

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Bieber as art? It’s just been done in his “Where Are Ü Now” music video with Jack U’s Diplo and Skrillex.

Why not for a natural nude?

Masterpiece #turnaroundjustin

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Nicki Minaj and Justin? They’ve paired together on 2012’s “Beauty and A Beat.”

Heck, they’re old friends.

Battle of the Booty's #turnaroundjustin

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Time to take it back.


Credit where credit’s due.

All hail the booty #turnaroundjustin

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LOL #justinbieber Rihanna vs JB

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The fans’ memes got wilder.


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And wilder.

IM ACTUALLY DEAD HAHAH #turnaroundjustin

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HAHAHAHAHA #turnaroundjustin

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Cosmic levels of wildness.

This though #turnaroundjustin

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The other hashtag, which topped Twitter’s worldwide trending topics on Monday, #LetsSeeTheRestOnShots, referring to the selfie-centric app that Justin invests in.

Now that Justin has brought his naked butt out to play, he might find it hard getting people to stop wanting to see it, based on Tuesday’s headlines and already iconic memes around the web.

The singer is currently kicking back in Bora Bora with recent shark bite survivor buddy Joe Termini, and possibly Pastor Joel Houston. The trio were seen boarding a private jet out of Sydney, Australia, on July 4, after spending five days at a Hillsong church conference.

No one knows who shot the Biebs’ naked butt snap, or why the superstar decided to throw his non-existent caution to the wind. But his fans sure feel #blessed that he did.

DAYUM #turnaroundjustin

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